Yoda and the Younglings?
On the AOTC soundtrack there is a listing for 'Yoda and the Younglings - with the Luke and the Leia theme played out. Does this mean that they are born in ATOC - or am I getting the wrong end of the ...
by switchtech
Whos taller, Yoda or the average Ewok?
I say average Ewok because I know they were different heights in ROTJ.
by watchpayday
Yoda fight scene
in the script for episode 2 yoda is supposed to have a fight scene. it may or may not happen, depending on id i.l.m. can make it lok beleivable
by brettmeister
Who would win.....Yoda vs. the Emperor ????
My guess is Yoda. Why? He could lift a 20-ton X-wing out of a swamp using the Force. The Emperor couldnt even fend off 250-lb. Darth Vader when he picked him up and threw him down the reactor shaft ...
by AdrianusV
Yoda scene kicked ****, as did Yoda
The Yoda scene was brilliant!!! Now we all know why Yoda is the JEDI MASTER!!! It also needs to be remembered that Jedi's can only use the Force for a certain period of time and to certain strengths. ...
by Angel-xan
Question about Yoda I have
When do you suppose we will find out just WHAT species YODA is supposed to be? Or do you suppose it will be one of those things that is never explained in the films?
by Nunikares
The Sith Sensing Yoda
Everyone asks why Yoda and the Jedi can't sense the Sith... What about Episode 4/5/6 - Why can't the Sith sense Yoda? Is it a Force skill that you can hide your presence or is it because Dagoba had ...
by watchpayday
Looking for more Information on Yoda
I'm looking for more information on Yoda and was wondering where I could find out what specises he is for instance. Is there a book that details this information? Or do I just have to accept that ...
by Orion_O'RYAN
Yoda training padawans
... interupts Yoda's Jedi class - to find information on the planet that Jango/Boba were hiding..... If yoda agreed to let Anakin be trained....why couldn't Anakin have joined the classes (Yoda's class ...
by Brett-NZ
Who trained yoda to be a jedi?
always been curious about this....
by watchpayday
Yoda Sabre
Found a link to a picture of the AOTC edition Monopoly. http://www.darth-sonic.de/NewsSystem/one_news.asp?IDNews=1158 Yoda with sabre ignited is of particular interest. Explain that away Wes!
by irony
Yoda, Mace on ship in trailer?
on 3/16/02 10:20 PM, Gregory D. George scared some horses by mucking about in the road : I see Mundi and Mace, Yoda might be the smallish blur, lower left in the opening. I can't tell who the person ...
by gatxan
Yoda is a Frozpet
Remember when I invented the name of Yoda's species? Well, I called it a Frozpet, made by the words of Frank, Oz and Muppet. A couple of hours ago when I was studying, I looked up to my SW Galaxy map ...
by mesaba
Is Yoda the last of his species?
Is Yoda the last of his kind? Is he a Dagobahnian or was that just his retirement planet? Any mention of his species in the Expanded Universe novels? Another thought, did Yoda carry a light saber in ...
by Question
Is Yoda bigger in the new films.
Is it just me or does Yoda look significantly bigger in clips of AOTC than he was in ESB? For instance, there's a still of Yoda training young jedi kids and he's almost as tall as they are, but in ...
by BrettLindsley
Did Yoda really died? Where was this? This was in Episode VI of Star Wars
The "death" was said to be what? What did Yoda reveal to Luke before he died?
by Marra M
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
My view exactly... There must be something deeper than a simple mentioning of a known name to them. Yoda and Windu look like 'oh, ****, where did HE come from? We told him to do that etc.' Just an ...
by irony
Re: How did Leia know about Obi?
Because while she was told to perform this task for the Rebellion in the guise of a Diplomatic Mission to Alderaan. Her adoptive father, Bail Organa told her to go to Tattooine to find Obi-Wan and ...
by Merovingian
The best of the prequels?
Now that the Force Awakens has been out in theaters for over two weeks, it's time to discuss which of the series is the best, and which is the worst... For many people, the Force Awakens is their ...
by Vale
Re: Strange Lucas Cameo
It's really not that surprising. He's probably a friend of the director, John Landis (AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and too many other movies to count) A lot of those Hollywood directors make cameos ...
by camaychip
Re: Balance to the Force?
At the end of ANH there are 2 Sith and 3 Jedi (well 2 to be) Yoda, Luke and Leia. Anakin balances the Force by becoming Vader and eventually killing the Emperor. No more Sith. Balance.
by chanzilla
Re: AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
Yes, I understand that... however all I'm saying is that it would have been nice to see it happen some other way... Instead of coming up with a new twist, GL did the same thing he did with Luke - ...
by Merovingian
Re: Is Anakins father Palpatine?
I bring you a new theory. We are told that plagues the wise discovered a path to immortality through the dark side of the force. We also witness immortality after death through the light side of ...
by Seabass
Empire Strikes Back
When Luke is on Dagobah being trained by Yoda in the scene where Luke's backpack is lying on the ground next to where Yoda is sitting, I swear I saw the silver bar(the one from the deleted scene) ...
by Ripley
Re: COUNT DOOKU: why the HELL is he not even HINTED of in any other Episodes???
Who was Mace Windu before Ep1?? Hell who the hell was Yoda before a new
by switchtech
Re: Balance Of the Force - Stupid Concept
No one Jedi - Luke, then you have the New Jedi Order, but there turns out to be as many Dark Jedi as Light. The thing that causes unbalance is the attempts by both the Sith and the Jedi to impose ...
by Jason Thompson
Re: New evidence about disappearing Jedi (possible spoiler)!
yoda wasnt killed by his padawan
by trackjohn
Re: Light Saber Colors in Anakin vs. Count Dooku
Or Yoda's line in AOTC where he said, 'Concentrate your fire on the (Battle Station)' which was similar to the Calamari Admiral's quote 'Concentrate your fire on that (Star Destroyer)'
by johngnova
Re: Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
I would enjoy a Star Wars with a very dark ending. It would be very refreshing for a film, something that doesn't happen too often. One of my favorite lines in the trailer is Yoda's 'The Dark Side ...
by workathome
Re: Syfo Dias
Darth Sidious has not revealed himself. So you argument is flawed. But your point is not. IIRC, Syfo Dyas was the head of the Jedi Council before Yoda. BTW, Am I the only person can sees Syfo Dyas as ...
by Orion_O'RYAN
Video Spoilers...
AOTC spoilers galore at this web site including a lot of video footage from Celebration 2. I'm sure lots of you have seen this already, maybe? One really groovy video which I'll explain below for ...
by DSOseeker
What a...
...relief. After seeing AOTC, that was my underlying reaction. Of course, anybody who was with me last night saw how amazed and excited I was after seeing Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I can't ...
by Angel-xan
Re: Will EP II have a cliffhanger ending like EP V did ????
There are some ways that they could do a cliffhanger at the close of AOTC: 1. Anakin falls into the pit. Of course, we would know how this one turns out, and it doesn't fit with James Earl Jones' ...
by pietersejl
SPOILER SPACE 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2 -3 -5 Ok, Enough. I just saw a part of a combined making of AOTC in Greek TV (yeah, Greece:-), which had some new scenes and dialogue, which I guess are from either the: ...
by Merovingian
Re: Anakin has
That's a good theory and I like it, but I'm yet to be convinced that Luke was a Jedi Master in ROTJ. He tells Jabba that he's a Jedi Knight, and when he goes back to see Yoda he seems surprised... ...
by Angel-xan
Re: Mace chops Jangos head off!!!
I told him 'Dont't try an haircut with a lightsaber'!!! Dumb move! Then Yoda tried to cut Anakin's nails and cut off an arm... what else? Is Ki-Adi-Mundi trying to polish my car with a lightsaber? ...
by garyincolumbus
Re: Targets AOTC Soundtrack Dooku question
I got one at Toys-R-Us in East Tennessee. They did not have a lot, only a handful. Of course, they said the Yoda's would be rare and an employee brought out about 50 of them.
by Lambdalana
Re: What if...
maybe it would have meant Yoda would then train Anakin (as it should have been anyway) and Anakin would have balanced the force by killing a very powerful Sith (Palpantine). Maybe Anakin would have ...
by Linda2
SPOILER requested. Reason for arena battle.
I have to give a few spoilers in order to ask for more. V +++ SPOILERS BELOW +++ V V V V V V V V V V V V So why does this huge arena battle take place? I know that during his investigations Obi-Wan ...
by johngnova
Starwars ep 3 and vader-father-knows -luke subject.
'Your father wanted you to have this.' Anakin was aware of his son, but not of his daughter. That's not nice, when your friend or even your own wife tells you that you have a son, even while you also ...
by Merovingian

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