Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
Of all the gin joints in all the world, iakovos walks into mine I think this is a load of ol'bol'orks
by workathome
Re: How did Leia know about Obi?
Thanks, everyone, for clearing that up! I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan, so I had a feeling that the answer to my question was right in the movie, and it was. And gratefully, those who replied ...
by Swordansar
Re: Star Wars References in Monkey Island 2
Goes to World of Monkey Island page for me. Might be your ISPs **** DNS :)
by Brett-NZ
Re: Jude Law as Anakin Skywalker
I think he could have made a very good young Obi Wan Kenobe. At least he has a *real* English accent and some screen presence - although I know a lot of peopls disagree. Having said that, a lot of ...
by NGCHunter
AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
Standard disclaimer applies... spoilers ahead for those who haven't see the movie yet... I was finally able to get tickets for AOTC today & overall I was really happy with it! Feel-good Ep. 1 finally ...
by trackjohn
Re: Is Anakins father Palpatine?
Of all the gin joints in all the world, John Heath walks into mine I think Qui-gon was overstepping the mark in asking, seeing as he hardly knows her. 'So Shmi, who've you been putting it about with, ...
by johngnova
Re: Obi Wan is a pilot...
They didn't want to raise suspicion to themselves. I imagine that there was some sort of 'paperwork' involved in purchasing a starship, like in the real world when purchasing an automobile.
by Brett-NZ
Re: Female Jedis
Robert Jordan hired them all for his world. Aes Sedai.
by heathbar
Advice for a group of fans with a story idea?
I'm just seeking advice for a more solid storyline/background for my group of friends, as if we were in the Star Wars universe. We have no direct ties with the main characters nor events of the ...
by Keena
Re: OT Earthlink DSL OT
AOL owns half the world now, they're like The Empire, twisted and evil. Wipe them out. All of them.
by garyincolumbus
Re: Empire should have won in Episode IV
Hmm .. Maybe the Death Star's superlaser was sufficient to destroy a rocky earth-size world but not sufficient to destroy a Gas Giant a couple of thousand, if not a couple of million, times larger? ...
by JohnCrown
Re: British SW rats
Galactic Empire, it's whats keeping the world alive!
by srkaeppler
9/11 Reference In Star Wars EP III
In Star Wars EP III: Death Of The Republic, Lucas plans to have one of the clones, which will be controlled by Palpatine/Sidious, to drive a cruiser straight into the Jedi Council which is located on ...
by gatxan
Re: What would you have preferred?
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Darkfalz walks into mine Neither if i'm being entirely honest. The OT would have been just fine on their own.
by irony
Re: SW Novels vs LOTR Novels
> I have found the book *very* good. And to be honest, was a little dissapointed in the first movie, but i won't get into that. Tolkien cre
by johngnova
Re: Baby Luke in Episode III?
Now I am intrigued. What fanfilm and where can I get a copy? This is news to me. I've only recently reimmersed myself in the SW world.
by irony
The Darth Vader theory
The lava world was reminicint in my memory too. But I'm wondering when Anakin and Padme and have twins. Then the separation of the twins can be explained - but no such work yet. Hopefully SWEP3 will ...
by srkaeppler
Star Wars pen-pals wanted
I am looking after Star Wars fans to write and trade with. You can come from all the part of the world, but I am very interested in contacts in Japan, other Asia countries and South America. But Star ...
by banksy
Re: Tyranus
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Brett McConnie walks into mine Yeah, i noticed that. I'm thinking DM kissed a bit of **** because he was a novice and Sidious his master, whereas Dooku was ...
by switchtech
Re: Question about Yoda I have
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Crazy Fingers walks into mine The AFS FAQ which get published every Sunday on here (see AFS FAQ - May 12th 2002 posted by Brett McConnie) says this 2.D - What ...
by picasso_mate
Re: Chronos strikes again?
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Wong Hua walks into mine Natalie Portman is going to be bringing out Oil Of Padme anti-ageing creams in the near future..... You're right of course, but the ...
by chanzilla
Re: This guy has too much time
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Bazilla walks into mine Must have finally found something better to do!
by Duane534
Re: Chewbacca's blaster
Once again, I'm speaking in terms of "general common sense". Not made up fictional reasons. You might aswell say that it's because as a specie, Wookies are inherently scared of anything that is ...
by WookieWonder
Hello, My name is Jackie, I am producing a short sci-fi film entitled 'Bent...
Hello, My name is Jackie, I am producing a short sci-fi film entitled 'Bent', the script has been described as David Lynch meets NIN. I am reaching out to your blog because whenever you think of ...
by Guest
Re: Order of Novels
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Obu-tu walks into mine Try the internet. I hear it's really good with search engines and things. On a serious note i very much doubt that GL reads the novels ...
by watchpayday
Re: (Spoiler?) Question about Boba Fett in Episode III
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Bill Anderson walks into mine Maybe he seeks out the Jedi and disintegrates them.
by trackjohn
Re: EP2 VHS????
... (although VHS may take longer) - DVD isn't anywhere near replacing VHS in most countries around the world, especially since recording them has only recently arrived and is still way too expensive. ...
by quelleinc
Re: Balance to the force
Of all the gin joints in all the world, CCK walks into mine I said this: Please enlighten me as to what point i am missing here.
by 1212
Re: Saw part of on TV
Nonsense. You can pump all the money and technology into a movie and it still won't make it good, or necessarily profitable. Final Fantasy is a perfect example of that. For your information Jurassic ...
by switchtech
Why isnt Boba Fett the most famous person in the galaxy?
OK you'll have to bear in mind that I have very little idea about how the whole Jango Fett/clone bit works, so if any of the following is incorrect, it's because I don't know the facts. Right, in the ...
by Roger E. Moore
The world premiere is 16th May, but in Norway it's 15th of May :). (does anyone of you know why it's 15th i Norway, not 16th? *looking forward to 15th of May*
by Nunikares
Re: Trivia help
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Daz walks into mine '1977' by Ash is the album in question, they are from Northern Ireland. It also contains a track called 'darkside lightside' and they ...
by picasso_mate
Re: Just saw it again
Of all the gin joints in all the world, John P Darcy walks into mine Could have been worse, could have been a New Zealander!!!
by quelleinc
Re: Britney and Justin broke up!
Yeah, such a terrible sin to be a virgin in this world...everuyone MUST lose their cherry because it is expected and, hell, the sooner the better huh ? That will make everyone SO cool ! Live by the ...
by Linda2
Re: Alderaan Memorial (Day)
If your asking for an in story reason: Because it WAS Alderaan Memorial Day and the characters were observing it. If your asking why an author would include such: world building and detail.
by bibipandi
S P O I L E R - S P A C E - S P O I L E R - S P A C E - While watching Anakin slay the sand people, the camera wipes out and we see Yoda meditating. You also hear a voice saying 'Anakin, Anakin'. Now ...
by NGCHunter
Re: OT vacation OT
Don't do it. The real world is scary, you don't want to go out there. It's nice and safe and warm in here.
by mesaba
Re: How would Episode 4 be today?
That's fine. But its GL world and he has every right to do whatever he likes with it. If that means you won't like it that's too bad for you. I, on the other hand, love it. Deborah Proctor
by JohnCrown
The Emporers Guards
Hello All, First of all, I think my girlfriend is right. She has always believed that Darth Sidious and Palpatine are the same person. I didn't want to believe her until I got more facts, but I think ...
by quelleinc
Another Jar Jar question
Does anyone else think that if just one or two Jar Jar scenes had been cut it would have made a world of difference? If so what two would have helped the film? For me I could have lived without the ...
by Linda2

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