Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens... Coming soon!
The newest installation to the Star Wars series is due out in theaters on the 18th of December... Are you ready? For those of you who haven't caught up, this series is the first sequel to follow ...
by Vale
Did Harrison Ford carry Star Wars??
You have to admit, his character adds so much to the movies. TPM lacked anyone even close. The new films need at least someone with some attitude. A character you can relate to. I only see cardboard ...
by banksy
Star Wars Episode 2 to be a cartoon
Seems as if we are heading closer to this each time. I enjoyed Ep 2, certainly more than Ep 1, but the use of CGI has gone too far. Gone are those tactile, real sets of previous episodes (eg: inside ...
by JohnMartin
Star Wars on Superbit and blue-ray disk
I read Sony made the 'Superbit' DVD, a disk without fancy menu's and easter eggs. The entire capacity is used for and devoted to the movie itself. So you'd have better sound and vision, and a higher ...
by garyincolumbus
Sorry Star Wars geeks: Even Natalie Portman thinks youre dweebs
Harsh toke for all those 'Star Wars' nerds lusting for Natalie Portman. The woman who plays Padme Amidala doesn't share your interests one little bit. She's never been into 'Star Wars.' 'It really ...
by Linda2
Star Wars pen-pals wanted
I am looking after Star Wars fans to write and trade with. You can come from all the part of the world, but I am very interested in contacts in Japan, other Asia countries and South America. But Star ...
by banksy
James bond bad guy in Star Wars 2
In Star Wars 2 When Count Dooku tell ob 1 his plans and whats going on in the jedi its so like something James bond. Why does Count Dooku Tell OB1
by Lambdalana
Star Wars books
Is Rogue Planet any good? And what about the one about Darth Maul or the Han Solo Trilogy? Plus, what is the name of the book where Chewie dies? I can't, for the life of me, remember, and I was ...
by Woolie Wool
Original Star Wars on Laser Disc - Collectors Item - See Picture
A shortcut would have been quite enough, this is not a binaries group...
by Dadoftwo
Anyone else an original Star Wars Trilogy fan?
For those of you who are... I still plan to see the new movies, but I hope they're better than the prequ
by Vale
Star Wars checklists?
... r Wars figures from 1995 onward. The site I have been using for a long while, ...
by newpiknicker
He he. Just doused a bunch of Star Wars geeks with paint
Yep it was great. The whole line was covered with black paint. You'll hear about it on the news in LA tonight.
by camaychip
Happy Star Wars Day! 5/4/02
Well, it's that time of the year again! Today, Saturday, 5/4/02 is Star Wars Day. Episode II may not be out yet, but you can celebrate by watching one of the other movies. Tell all your friends. May ...
by Question
When does Pao die in Star Wars?
I do know that right after the first at-at had got taken down I saw him, but I'm not sure when he dies. It had to have been between then and when everyone was running to cover in the bunker. Any help?
by Paragon
9/11 Reference In Star Wars EP III
In Star Wars EP III: Death Of The Republic, Lucas plans to have one of the clones, which will be controlled by Palpatine/Sidious, to drive a cruiser straight into the Jedi Council which is located on ...
by gatxan
Star Wars video for sale
Star Wars video. Original version 1983. Mint condition. Open to offers. Call <phone>
by Aneish
Star Wars Audio Books
Does anyone know of a location or newsgroup that I can download the Star Wars audio books TIA
by JohnCrown
When is Star Wars 2 Trailer on?
Andy Seiler of USA Today says it will be on March 10 between 8:30 and 10 (sunday0 in his article 'Fox to run 'Star Wars' trailer', but says it will run Monday in 'Sneak peek for 'Clones''. So, does ...
by quelleinc
Star Wars movies listed in order of dates it would of happen
I want to know if someone can tell me the list of the Stars movies in the order of when they would of actually happened including the new movies Force Awakens & Rogue.
by Star Wars List
Asian DVDs of Star Wars Trilogy
I've seen some Asain DVDs of the Episodes 4, 5 & 6 on Ebay. Does anyone out there have these discs? What is the picture & sound quality like? Do they have interactive menus and scene selection? I'd ...
by newpiknicker
Star Wars Scrapbook
Hey all, Just wanted to share a scrapbook I kept back in the late seventies when the first trilogy was coming out. I'm from the Chicagoland area & kept watch out for any article in the local ...
by Lil_princess_01
In which of the star wars books does luke Skywalker move to ...
In which of the star wars books does luke Skywalker move to the dark side?
by Guest
Star Wars References in Monkey Island 2
Hey, I just got through playing Monkey Island 2 and I loved all the Star Wars references, especially where the vodoo doctor says she feels a great disturbance in the force and then at the end when ...
by MasterKill
1977 Star Wars Radio Spots...
Hey fans, Would anyone know how rare this item is? For years I've had the 45' sized, one sided record of the original promos from Star Wars that were played on the radio in 77'. I've gone to ...
by DSOseeker
Do the star wars novels contradict the films?
Go ahead 'Darth Ewok', make my day... *looks around* Who? Me? ; )
by brettmeister
New star wars movies
any rumors or questions about rumors maybe we can discuss or correct ? if you like my answers or questions please press the thumbs up button ~High
by Highmighty
Unabridged Star Wars audio books
Greetings, I was wondering why I cannot find anywhere unabridged versions of the star wars series such as 'New Jedi Order' etc... They are all available in Abridged edition, but none are available in ...
by RichField
Star Wars - Episode 2 - ATTACK OF THE CLONES - Script - SPOILER!!!
by Lambdalana
How much is a "Star Wars" laserdisc worth? I'm pretty sure i...
How much is a "Star Wars" laserdisc worth? I'm pretty sure it's an original release of the first movie, but I don't know much about LD items.
by Guest
Did Yoda really died? Where was this? This was in Episode VI of Star Wars
The "death" was said to be what? What did Yoda reveal to Luke before he died?
by Marra M
Who portrayed Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan in the 1977 Star Wars?
She was the daughter of Debbie Reynolds and daddy Eddie. She is again featured in Star Wars, The Last Jedi.
by Marra M
I have 3 unopened laser disc of Star Wars. Stars Wars, empire strikes back ...
I have 3 unopened laser disc of Star Wars. Stars Wars, empire strikes back , and return of the Jedi. What are they worth?
by Guest
Star Pets - a Star Wars-themed online pet convention
Hello All! I thought everyone might find this amusing: 'A fun-filled Star Wars-themed online pet convention with pets dressed as popular Star Wars characters': http://downshade.tripod.com/starpets.htm
by johngnova
I have the complete collection of the 1997 Star Wars buddies by hasbro are ...
I have the complete collection of the 1997 Star Wars buddies by hasbro are these very collectible and what kind of value do they have
by Guest
Star wars
... he proficy was to bring balance to the force and destroy the sith and what not . in the end in star wars 6 he did just that ...
by dpa
Could you list for me the star wars novels in which Aayla Se...
Could you list for me the star wars novels in which Aayla Secura takes part?
by Guest
Star Wars, The Matrix and Buddhism
Star Wars is not compelet Budist. In Budism there is no concept of redemption.
by watchpayday
Star Wars Tangibility of Trans-hyperspace
===========================> So after seeing TLJ a question started to plague me about the tangibility of trans hyperspace. In other words how tangible an object is when transitioning to hyperspace. ...
by uncommon
Star Wars Help Quiz
What is the name of the alien creature onboard Han Solos freighter, The Ervana in rogue one?
by Starwars
Is there anywhere online that I can download Star Wars Dark ...
Is there anywhere online that I can download Star Wars Dark Forces 1 for free?
by Guest

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