Starwars ep 3 and vader-father-knows -luke subject.
'Your father wanted you to have this.' Anakin was aware of his son, but not of his daughter. That's not nice, when your friend or even your own wife tells you that you have a son, even while you also ...
by Merovingian
Goth Vader in
Anakin (Hayden Christensen) is also starring in Life As A House, as a teenage goth son of Kevin Klein. He has all this eye makeup, lipstick, and teased and dyed hair and frankly he doesnt look like ...
by Orion_O'RYAN
Should we see Vader in EpIII?
This may be an old topic, but I was wondering what the opinions are on us seeing Anakin as Vader in EpIII? Should we see it to fully illustrate how he has turned to the dark side or would that weaken ...
by newpiknicker
Jeff Is Darth Vader
In the Forbidden Love trailer we see the first meeting of Anakin and Padmé in ten years. Surprised to see him she asks 'Ani?' I keep expecting him to nervously reply, 'you must have me confused with ...
by newpiknicker
Vader False Rumor?
Help me find 'proof' as to whether my friend is telling me the truth about Lucas and Starwars or not. He claims the following: 1. He saw the 'premier' of Starwars (later called episode 4) and said ...
by garyincolumbus
It's obviously sidiuos why else would sidiuos take anikan/vader under his w...
It's obviously sidiuos why else would sidiuos take anikan/vader under his wing like that
by Guest
Vader in AATA
I assume that we'll see Anakin with his suit and breathing mask in AATA, but do you think he'll be played by a different actor? Vader/Anakin has already been played by 5 different actors, including ...
by Calibre
The Darth Vader theory
The lava world was reminicint in my memory too. But I'm wondering when Anakin and Padme and have twins. Then the separation of the twins can be explained - but no such work yet. Hopefully SWEP3 will ...
by srkaeppler
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
Yeah, Im in the process of reading the book and the first thing I thought was that Sidious or Dooku were posing as Sifo-Dyas to get the clone army created, the Sith wouldnt want to use them in the ...
by AdrianusV
I am altering the deal...
What do people think the original deal was between Darth Vader and Lando for Han, Leia, and Chewie? Should Lando have been viewed as a traitor or simply as naive that Vader would have given him ...
by NGCHunter
Re: Balance to the Force?
At the end of ANH there are 2 Sith and 3 Jedi (well 2 to be) Yoda, Luke and Leia. Anakin balances the Force by becoming Vader and eventually killing the Emperor. No more Sith. Balance.
by chanzilla
Jude Law as Anakin Skywalker
If something happens to the Christensen dude who's playing Anakin, do you think Jude Law could be called up to play Anakin/Vader in Episode 3 ?
by gatxan
Re: Darth Maul Question
Better than Vader? Blasphemy.
by dabibibff
AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
Standard disclaimer applies... spoilers ahead for those who haven't see the movie yet... I was finally able to get tickets for AOTC today & overall I was really happy with it! Feel-good Ep. 1 finally ...
by trackjohn
Is Anakins father Palpatine?
Shmi says there was no father. Anakin has an incredible of the force. We know Anakin becomes Darth Vader, second to Palpatine. Could we have another 'I am your father' scene?
by garyincolumbus
Re: Is Anakin really the chosen one?
Maybe their are so many 'good' jedi in early times that this balance in the force is the dark side of Darth Vader.
by Linda2
Re: COUNT DOOKU: why the HELL is he not even HINTED of in any other Episodes???
'Roger Kanbar' : Was this a last minute concoction created by Lucas so we'd have a lightsaber : wielding Baddie for Episode II? Probably. Either that or people were too embarrassed to say his name. ...
by Jason Thompson
Re: Where did the prophecy come from
Some people did, but not I. Well, not anymore. The balance is brought by the eradication of the Sith who created the 'unbalance' in the force. A balance was maintained when there were only the Jedi ...
by BrettLindsley
Re: Balance Of the Force - Stupid Concept
No one Jedi - Luke, then you have the New Jedi Order, but there turns out to be as many Dark Jedi as Light. The thing that causes unbalance is the attempts by both the Sith and the Jedi to impose ...
by Jason Thompson
Does anyone think Anakin will join the dark side in ep II or will that be ep III
Clearly he's gonna be a bad lad in ep II but will he cross the line in this film? I wonder if James Earl Jones was right when he said that Anakin will fall into a volcano prior to becoming Vader?
by BrettLindsley
Ep2 Anakins Shadow
Was I the only one that noticed that Anakin's shadow against the igloo was that of Darth Vader? No one has seemed to mention it.
by Jason Thompson
Re: Burial practices
Well, Qui Gon and Anakin/Vader are cremated, they are Jedi and maybe that is the way of the Jedi As to the Jawa's. Probably figured that was the best way to take care of them. They weren't there in ...
by gatxan
Re: New evidence about disappearing Jedi (possible spoiler)!
It is also possible that the Jedi then realize that they may strenghen 'the force' and somehow weaken the Dark side by their deaths. This would explain Obi-wan telling Vader in their duel in ANH ' ...
by bibipandi
Re: Obi Wan and Old Ben
He had to disappear so Vader could not find him it was purely out of needing to be not noticed so he could protect Luke without even Luke knowing he was always out there watching over him .
by Highmighty
Light Saber Colors in Anakin vs. Count Dooku
Anyone notice that the light saber colors of Anakin vs. Count Dooku's fight were the same as Luke and Darth Vader's light saber colors in ESB? And, Anakin cut a power coupling that reduced the ...
by dabibibff
Re: Why does C3PO not recognize Owen/Beru in Episode 4?
But, Vader is the most powerful Jedi ever! I guess kill all those children ruined his brain.
by johngnova
Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
Lately, I been thinking about a BIG problem with Episode 3....... No matter how entertaining the movie will be, the plot line of the story is forced to be a 'downer'. The central character, Anakin ...
by garyincolumbus
What if i told you A. MASTER sifa dias
what if i told you A. MASTER sifa dias"s death was a necessaryloss B.FELL prey to the same bait as your fallen "failurord"VADER C.DARTH PLAGUEIS INSURRECTED SELF long ago due to ...
by T.K 4 21 4db8b
Re: What would you have preferred?
With the Emperor and Vader dead, I think it would be scraping the story barrel to get three films after Ep6. Having some new villain turn up would be kind of ****. If this was a wish though, I'd wish ...
by dezirina
Re: Question for Figure Fans
Go ahead 'JimE', make my day... Yes, it's been a problem for some time now that started with the POTF2 range. There are too many giant figures like the Emperor's Royal Guard, Snowtrooper, Rebel Fleet ...
by Jason Thompson
Re: Who would win.....Yoda vs. the Emperor ????
Yoda would kick the **** out of the Emperor, then he'd turn on TJM for even asking. Yoda: 'I find your lack of faith disturbing' Vader: 'Hey, that's my line' Yoda: 'You want some of this!?' Vader: ...
by MasterKill
Re: Will EP II have a cliffhanger ending like EP V did ????
So you know exactly how it happens that Anakin turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader? If that's not a cliffhanger I don't know what is. Deborah Proctor
by banksy
Re: Yoda scene kicked ****, as did Yoda
(snip) Yes, that's the main reason, but also because Yoda was too old. He was about to die after all. He didn't have a direct connection with the Emperor and Vader as Luke did. It had to be Luke, it ...
by Aneish
Re: What if...
Yeah, he becomes Vader and ultimately becomes Anakin again. Killing the Emperor and his Vader persona. And restoring balance as there is no more Sith to disrupt the natural balance/harmony of the ...
by DSOseeker
Re: Obi-Wan strikes Anakin down in the climax of the film! (m)
Well, put 'EP III' in the subject line, and maybe you guessed right. ***Rumor*** : the next film ends with a saber duel between Ani and Obi-Wan, after Obi-Wan is convinced that Ani has 'gone over to ...
by dabibibff
Re: Why no force pushes in 4-6
Well, there wasn't a need for Obi-Wan to do it in the Cantina and there were no things laying around during his battle with Vader. Vader used the Force to hurl things at Luke during the ESB battle. ...
by AdrianusV
Re: Back in 1977...
I turned 4 in 77 and saw ESB rightbefore my 7th birthday but I can rmember that I did not expect Han to be in ESB. I assumed he left after the end of the movie. When I found out he was in it I still ...
by AdrianusV
Owen Lars on Aussie Rove show last night
The actor playing Owen was on ' <email> ' last night on Aussie TV. He said it was a thrill to be related to Vader. He related how he saw ROTJ at age 6 and he was really impressed. (if you think any ...
by Question
Re: Sabre battles
Go ahead 'FooserX', make my day... Yes. That's a classic moment. When Vader suddenly looms into view and slices at Luke you can see how much larger the Sith Lord is and he is completely terrifying. ...
by ironballs
Re: Hating Master
I think TESB has some interesting scene's that provide a lot of information regarding Vader and the Emperor's relationship. I guess we know that as a Sith Lord get's older his apprentice will find ...
by pietersejl

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