Worst effect in original trilogy?
It didnt spin into it because of gravity, the ship had lost control and was probably going full throttle into the death star.
by skyhog
Anyone else an original Star Wars Trilogy fan?
For those of you who are... I still plan to see the new movies, but I hope they're better than the prequ
by Vale
Asian DVDs of Star Wars Trilogy
I've seen some Asain DVDs of the Episodes 4, 5 & 6 on Ebay. Does anyone out there have these discs? What is the picture & sound quality like? Do they have interactive menus and scene selection? I'd ...
by newpiknicker
Jedis during new trilogy
where are the jedis who survived order 66 during the force awaken and last jedi
by santofreak
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens... Coming soon!
The newest installation to the Star Wars series is due out in theaters on the 18th of December... Are you ready? For those of you who haven't caught up, this series is the first sequel to follow ...
by Vale
How did Leia know about Obi?
Okay, so there's a lot of talk around here of the inconsistencies between the original trilogy and the new trilogy, mostly about who trained Obi 1, etc. Now, I'm not trying to start up another heated ...
by MasterKill
Re: I have 3 unopened laser disc of Star Wars. Stars Wars, empire strikes back ...
I'm afraid they wouldn't worth much unless they are signed etc. Highest price I saw paid for this trilogy is about $80 but this was exceptional, usually it got much less on Ebay.
by jade
CGI Complainers.....Ge t a LIFE!
All of you complaining about how fake the CGI looks need to stop complaining and just deal with it. The special effects & CGI in this film are going to be great as they always are in a Star Wars ...
by Woolie Wool
Why Luke didnt join the dark side...(but first, some other thoughts)
you're into that sort of thing. I saw Ep2 last night at midnight, and then I saw it again this afternoon. First of all, I'd like to say that I was mezmerized by this film. Call me a fanboy, but I ...
by myprojeff
Re: Did Harrison Ford carry Star Wars??
From an actors standpoint you could say yes without question. After Star Wars Trilogy ended Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamil's careers are blips on the screen while H. Ford is the entire radar. Look at ...
by gatxan
Re: Yoda is a Frozpet
A Froz was the New Republic ambassador to Corellia during the Corellian crisis trilogy. The Froz are tall with multi-jointed arms and legs. Hardly Yoda could pass for a Froz... maybe a dwarf Froz. ...
by pietersejl
The best of the prequels?
To answer my own questions.... My favorites are still the original Trilogy, I'm not a big fan of the Prequels, but The Force Awakens looks like a great movie (it's still not released where I live....)
by Vale
Re: Original Star Wars on Laser Disc - Collectors Item - See Picture
I think it's a vieodisk, not a laser disk- at least from what the picture looks like- I used to own this version of the trilogy myself
by Elder
Re: Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
He already finished it 20 years ago. After Episode 3 comes out they are going to follow up with re-re-releasing the original trilogy super special edition in theaters to make more money.
by Woolie Wool
What would you have preferred?
Imagine for a minute that the original trilogy weren't called IV/V/VI Would you have preferred (one or the other) to have a trilogy of sequels or a trilogy of prequels? Sequels to find out what ...
by gatxan
Re: SW Novels vs LOTR Novels
I have read both the EU books and the lord of the rings and as a literary work, lord of the rings is far superior because of the quality of language used. However it is obviously not for everyone. In ...
by skyhog
Re: Anakin has
Go ahead 'Insane Ranter', make my day... Just as Obi-Wan did in TPM and Luke did throughout the original trilogy.
by NGCHunter
Baby Luke in Episode III?
Okay, I know nothing about what's going to happen in Episode III; this is entirely speculation on my part... But, assuming that we catch a glimpse of baby Luke (from what I've heard and read, we ...
by dabibibff
Re: What do you think of Harrison Ford?
... believe that Harrison Ford hates Star Wars and that he wishes he had never starred in the original trilogy. ...
by watchpayday
Re: Cult movie???
some say its just a movie, I say its a religion! (original trilogy of
by Swordansar
Re: SW Book recommendations
start with the Hand Of Thrawn Trilogy by Timothy Zahn if u haven't done so already. You'll be cursing at yourself for what you've been missing out on
by JohnMartin
Re: Owen Lars on Aussie Rove show last night
... ony Mous', make my day... Exactly. This is one area where the prequels are better than the original trilogy. It's harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Many non-fans still think that ...
by bibipandi
Re: Flying Creatures / droids
... . George', make my day... It's a big galaxy and we see only a very small part of it in the original trilogy, most of which is out on the frontier or beyond. Those flying things still exist in the ...
by roland1982
Re: Do the star wars novels contradict the films?
Shadows is my absolute favourite after the Thrawn trilogy.
by Linda2
Re: Lightsabers in ANH
I saw how to do that on Rolf Harris' Cartoon Club (a TV program) back in the late 80s / early 90s (OK, I admit that I used to watch it) It's quite a clever technique, considering. Of course, DVD will ...
by Ejwnlsdk
Re: Star Wars pen-pals wanted
2nd childhood. I know I'm interested in the original trilogy stuff now cus my mom would never buy that when i was a kid. Dunno why. She always got me He-Man, transformers voltron and GI Joe.
by Orion_O'RYAN
Episodes V, II, IV, III, I in that order! No questions asked! Ebert is an idiot!
Just got back from seeing AOTC so I had to come back to the newsgroup. I saw a review that said 'Star Wars is so F*cking back' and I could not agree more. That movie had what all true fans were ...
by bibipandi
Re: Kuat of Kuat killed Lukes aunt and uncle
You're thinking of the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy. Kuat didn't actually kill Owen and Beru, he just faked a record to make it seem that Xizor had done it. Wanted Luke to drop the rebellion and go on ...
by Lambdalana
Asian SW DVDs?
... ut I'm brand new to this list. Does anyone know about the Asian DVD releases of the Special Edition trilogy? They claim to have removable subtitles and are not VCDs, but real DVDs. Are these just ...
by picasso_mate
Re: Newbie - Question about Future Eps
... shed and altered into Episodes 5 and 6, so there is no George Lucas storyline to make into a sequel trilogy - which is why he ...
by ironballs
Re: Is this possible?
Well yeah...he IS the guy from the original trilogy who tried to turn Luke to the dark side. A Reys
by Question
Re: Order of Novels
I typed this up myself from various resources on the web. I am confident that many of them are off by a couple years or so, especially the Han Solo and Lando Calrissian trilogies. All of the Prequel ...
by lafah
Ship design in Ep1 compared to Ep2............... ...
In Episode 1, nearly every ship looks superior to everything we've seen in the original trilogy as if TPM takes place before ANH. Obviously Lucas and Co. realized this as well, which is probably why ...
by JohnMartin
Re: Got my tickets
Go ahead ' <email> ', make my day... Nice. I'm getting mine tomorrow but not for the midnight screening. I don't think that the BC&C tickets are particularly accurate when it comes to the end of th ...
by Elder
Im wondering...
... ll, the name 'Coruscant' for the capital of the Republic/Empire was first used in Tim Zahn's Empire trilogy, since the original name of the planet was to be Had Abaddon. BTW, does your name mean ...
by chanzilla
Prequels ignored in NJO?
... otC has been completely ignored in the NJO books? I remember in Kevin Andersons books, the original trilogy was referenced many times throughout his stories. How come, with ...
by soul8o8
Star Wars Scrapbook
Hey all, Just wanted to share a scrapbook I kept back in the late seventies when the first trilogy was coming out. I'm from the Chicagoland area & kept watch out for any article in the local ...
by Lil_princess_01
Re: AATA - Reasonable Doubts
It seems we need to go to the 'source' for some clarification. While looking into all of this and actually researching an interesting post about Ep 1 and 2 proposed titles, I stumbled upon this ...
by Ricimer
Re: Ep4 was on last night. random thoughts on maturity
Tall poppy syndrome? You've got to be kidding! There was a *very* good reason that TPM was not received as well as everyone thought it would be, and that reason was something called 'bad directing'. ...
by Question
Re: Why isnt Boba Fett the most famous person in the galaxy?
... tt is a non-character.There's nothing to him, and his popularity baffles me. I think after this new trilogy, the old trilogy is going to have little inconsistencies like what you just talked ...
by Question

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