Star Wars Tangibility of Trans-hyperspace

So after seeing TLJ a question started to plague me about the tangibility of trans hyperspace. In other words how tangible an object is when transitioning to hyperspace.

This is how I have always thought of it. According to There have been several instances where ships have jumped into and out of a planetary atmosphere. If you watch the sources you see little to no atmospheric disturbance meaning the air is not forced out of way of a fast moving object like atmospheric entry vehicles( I always assumed this must because the transition to hyperspace (A different dimension) must cause the object to be mostly intangible, due to the nature of exiting physical space. TLJ proved this preconception was wrong, when Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo engaged the hyperdrive of the last command ship directly into the path of the First Order Mega-class Star Destroyer, the Supremacy, heavily damaging it.

So I was wondering if someone could answer how this maneuver is possible or why exiting/entering hyperspace in side an atmosphere does not result in very high atmospheric disturbance if not nuclear fusion.

Willing to accept speculations but if possible please cite your "canon" sources.

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That's an interesting question. I believe the problem is when you deal with a planet's atmosphere. When outside an atmosphere it is a vacuum and therefor there is nothing to "push out of the way".
No sources for this, just my assumption.

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