The Sith Sensing Yoda
Everyone asks why Yoda and the Jedi can't sense the Sith... What about Episode 4/5/6 - Why can't the Sith sense Yoda? Is it a Force skill that you can hide your presence or is it because Dagoba had ...
by watchpayday
Sith in Episode 3
Two questions for speculation: -Will we ever see Palpatine fight (or at least reveal his Sith nature to the remaining Jedi)? -What will be Dooku's part in Episode 3?
by Woolie Wool
Dark Jedi / Sith heres another thought...
I'm thinking that a Dark Jedi is someone who is a Jedi who uses the dark side of the force, and if turned would become a Sith, but needn't necessarily ever get turned. 'The always two there is' ...
by Calibre
Jedis fighting Sith (alone)
Is there some sort of code or law that requires Jedis and Siths to fight alone or without any help? In Epsiode 4, Darth Vader tells Tarkin and the officers that he 'must face obi-wan alone.' ...
by Ejwnlsdk
Difference between sith and empire logos
Hello, I've been searching the internet in an attempt to clearly define what the sith logo was, and what the empire logo was, without confusing the two. Maybe i have failed to understand something, ...
by Mirkus
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
Or this: if Sidious = Sifo-Dyas (which I think is the case) and they know that Sidious/Sifo-Dyas is a Force user of some sort (maybe not necessarily a Sith as the Trade Federation knew), then the ...
by picasso_mate
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens... Coming soon!
The newest installation to the Star Wars series is due out in theaters on the 18th of December... Are you ready? For those of you who haven't caught up, this series is the first sequel to follow ...
by Vale
The best of the prequels?
Now that the Force Awakens has been out in theaters for over two weeks, it's time to discuss which of the series is the best, and which is the worst... For many people, the Force Awakens is their ...
by Vale
Re: Who is the father to Anakin??
Yeah, but my personal take on that was that one of the powerful Sith; Dooku, Palpatine, whoever, slipped her into a date rape coma with some darkside force. John 'Bigamy is having one wife too many. ...
by mesaba
Re: Balance to the Force?
Go ahead 'stephen nipperess', make my day... mean? The issue of balance has nothing to do with equality of numbers. There was never an equal number of Sith Lords and Jedi Knights, except maybe for a ...
by Swordansar
Re: Darth Maul Question
It would have been nice to see a clone of Darth Maul make an appearence in AOTC or at least Episode 3, it doesn't make sense that The Emporer DIDN'T clone such an awesome Sith warrior.
by Dadoftwo
Re: AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
In ROTJ, when Luke cuts off Vader's hand, you see the machinery beneath. The scene in AOTC explains how he got that. What would you rather he do? Ask them politely to step aside? He cut it so he ...
by Question
Re: Is Anakins father Palpatine?
I think Palpatine/Sidious somehow impregnated her without her knowledge (perhaps he detected that she was especially strong in the Force) and has been monitoring the result of this ever ...
by picasso_mate
Re: Does dooku know sidious is palpatine? nt
If you read the book Revenge Of The Sith it explains how Dooku knew palpatine was Sidious like when he is killed by Anakin Dooku finally understands that he was just a toy and how he looks at sidious ...
by Highmighty
Re: Is Anakin really the chosen one?
you could say he brings balance to the force by slaughtering all but two jedi, leaving 2 jedi and 2 sith. With luke and leia not being traind or aware of the force, seams pretty well balanced.
by irony
Re: Sifo Dyas???
Sifo-Dyas was a male Human Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. When the Sith were revealed to have returned during the Invasion of Naboo in 32 BBY, ...
by Highmighty
Re: Why Obi-Wan and Anakin dont get along
In another galaxy, they become Sith warlords in black costumes. In our galaxy, they become disgruntled postal workers.
by brettmeister
Advice for a group of fans with a story idea?
I'm just seeking advice for a more solid storyline/background for my group of friends, as if we were in the Star Wars universe. We have no direct ties with the main characters nor events of the ...
by Keena
Re: COUNT DOOKU: why the HELL is he not even HINTED of in any other Episodes???
Go ahead 'Roger Kanbar', make my day... He became the apprentice to Darth Sidious after the death of Darth Maul so there was no need to mention him in TPM. By the time of ANH people are more ...
by dabibibff
Re: Where did the prophecy come from
Well why would there be this prophecy anyway? The Jedi seemed to think that the Sith were wiped out (meaning that there should already be balance). If the prophecy was true then they should have been ...
by RichField
Re: Balance Of the Force - Stupid Concept
You know, I've always thought that... Well, at least since this whole prophecy thing was introduced. But then, I seem to believe things that are counter to a lot of other SW fans...Like that whole '2 ...
by workathome
Re: Obi Wan and Old Ben
And yes he went by Ben but being called Old Ben was a nickname he gladly picked up to be less noticed and thought of as an old coot hermit rather than one of the best and strongest in the force Jedi ...
by Highmighty
Re: Light Saber Colors in Anakin vs. Count Dooku
Sith usually always have red or crimson blades since they don't use synthetic crystals not like the jedi who use real crystals, since the Sith believe the force is a tool fot them to use. if you like ...
by Highmighty
Re: Will we ever learn Palpatines background in Episode II or III?
Last Sith before they all vanished without a trace.
by Alfgrs
Re: 9/11 Reference In Star Wars EP III
... Star Wars The Old Republic Deceived, where Darth Malgus if followed by a flying vehicle loaded with sith that attempt to destroy ...
by Highmighty
Re: Trailer Questions
Can a Jedi also block the Sith lightning with that skill....? that would be
by soul8o8
NO. Dooku is Darth Tyrranus, the new sith apprentice. This is from one of the last scenes of the film.
by Jason Thompson
Star wars
... his really isn't a question this is what I think Anikan was the chosen one even after he joined the sith because the proficy was to bring balance to the force and destroy the sith and what not . in ...
by dpa
Re: What if...
Go ahead 'Daniel Crichton', make my day... That's not what it means. It was the destiny of the chosen one to destroy the Sith. Who could have foreseen that he would destroy the Jedi before ...
by ironballs
Starwars ep 3 and vader-father-knows -luke subject.
'Your father wanted you to have this.' Anakin was aware of his son, but not of his daughter. That's not nice, when your friend or even your own wife tells you that you have a son, even while you also ...
by Merovingian
Christopher Walken
Hey, Even though it was a fan fake trailer, how many would have liked to see Chris Walken as Dooku? I was pretty pyched when I saw him in the fake and disapointed to find out he wasn't in epII. ...
by brettmeister
Is Rey a Grey Jedi?
... Bendu" from star wars rebels who was believed to be a Grey Jedi ( that is he neither was a jedi nor sith ) is it possible ...
by Sarthak
Can't find joke clip
I need a series Star Wars lover to help me find this spoof of the Return of the Jedi force ghost scene. Luke sees the ghosts of Obi-wan and Yoda but when it goes to Anakin it is the burning Anakin ...
by Sara
Does Dooku mean Dracula
Does 'Count Dooku' mean 'Count Dracula' That would be neat to see a Sith Lord having fangs and turning into a bat to fly across the galaxy instead of using a star ship. Anakin: I am going to ...
by mesaba
Re: Sabre battles
Go ahead 'FooserX', make my day... Yes. That's a classic moment. When Vader suddenly looms into view and slices at Luke you can see how much larger the Sith Lord is and he is completely terrifying. ...
by ironballs
Re: Hating Master
I certainly don't think he likes him. I doubt love is part of the Sith philosphy. I suppose there could be some form of respect, but not the same kind of respect as exist between a Jedi and a ...
by lafah
Re: Green Milk
He he he. I've heard that some Jedi favour the milkplus, milk with drencrom, served at the Korova Milk Bar. It sharpens you up a bit for the old ultra-violence. Perhaps that was the Sith?
by Ricimer
Including spoiler space for those who haven't seen it but still want to come here. C O U N T D O O K U One thing I noticed about Darth Tyranus was his manner in his meeting with Darth Sidious. In ...
by johngnova
Force mobility
How high can a jedi* jump? What's the highest a jedi* can jump? How fast can a jedi* run? How fast was the fastest jedi*? *Sith, grey jedi, dark jedi, light sith, etc, but not witches (eg Dathomir)
by ryncewynde88
Re: Star Wars movies listed in order of dates it would of happen
This list/link is incomplete however, it is more detailed. BBY refers to Before the Battle of Yavin and ABY to the years After the ...
by Marra M

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