Re: Princess Leias Father
Watch ROTJ again... Luke and Leia: There was never mention of their mother (as far as I can remember), only of Obi Wan hiding them apart from each other for safety...
by JohnMartin
Re: AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
In ROTJ, when Luke cuts off Vader's hand, you see the machinery beneath. The scene in AOTC explains how he got that. What would you rather he do? Ask them politely to step aside? He cut it so he ...
by Question
Re: Is Anakins father Palpatine?
It's possible that Palpatine/Sidious used the dark side of the force to make the midichlorians coalesce into Anakin inside of Shmi. But how would Palpatine know Shmi even existed? Did he use the dark ...
by Aneish
Whos taller, Yoda or the average Ewok?
I say average Ewok because I know they were different heights in ROTJ.
by watchpayday
Re: Obi Wan is a pilot...
I've always had questions about the age thing. How old is Obi Wan supposed to be in TPM. It seems like he's in his twenties, right? Then if ANH is supposed to be thirty something years later, doesn't ...
by srkaeppler
Re: Black Fleet crisis: Luke travels to Naboo?
The entire luke and his mum theme in Black Fleet ruined an otherwise decent expansion series. Its incredible how after RoTJ showed an imperial fleet numbering in the hundreds of star destroyers, ...
by Brett-NZ
Re: Does anyone think Anakin will join the dark side in ep II or will that be ep III
Thats how they say it happened in the ROTJ novel.
by mesaba
Re: Light Saber Colors in Anakin vs. Count Dooku
There were a lot of homages to other movies in AOTC. For some reason or another I kept thinking 'Fiddler on the Roof' or the 'Sound of Music' when Anakin and Padme were out in the fields. The giant ...
by workathome
Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
Lately, I been thinking about a BIG problem with Episode 3....... No matter how entertaining the movie will be, the plot line of the story is forced to be a 'downer'. The central character, Anakin ...
by garyincolumbus
Re: TPM music in ESB
That was me. I got all excited about it. Actually, the more I watch the OT, the more similarities I hear between the musics. I think in ROTJ it plays the same five beats as at the start of 'Clone ...
by Ejwnlsdk
Re: What would you have preferred?
Nothing wrong with that. I have read almost all of the books after RotJ. I am about 5 and a half books from getting back to the New Jedi Order now, and would love to see more sequels so I can compare ...
by Angel-xan
Who would win.....Yoda vs. the Emperor ????
My guess is Yoda. Why? He could lift a 20-ton X-wing out of a swamp using the Force. The Emperor couldnt even fend off 250-lb. Darth Vader when he picked him up and threw him down the reactor shaft ...
by AdrianusV
Trailer Questions
in this picture : Is it Mace who is using some kind of Jedi power we never saw before ? (or may be in one of the first toys ...
by workathome
Re: Will EP II have a cliffhanger ending like EP V did ????
Look ... underneath that rock ... it's TJM eating worms it's kind of hard to do a cliffhanger with a 2 year seperation. Which is why ESB-ROTJ really isn't a cliffhanger. I think 3 will be darker than ...
by mesaba
Re: Anakin has
That's a good theory and I like it, but I'm yet to be convinced that Luke was a Jedi Master in ROTJ. He tells Jabba that he's a Jedi Knight, and when he goes back to see Yoda he seems surprised... ...
by Angel-xan
Re: SPOILER requested. Reason for arena battle.
Go ahead 'Thomas S. McDonald esquire', make my day... Just like all the other movies. That pathetic Death Star trnch run was nothing but an excuse to sell video games like Pong. The Battle Of Hoth? ...
by Linda2
Re: What do you think of Harrison Ford?
Bit's of it are good, but overall he sleepwalks through the role. He's particularly unconvincing at the Rebel briefing. IMO it's not just Ford. Hamill was also much better in SW and ESB than he was ...
by lafah
Re: Why no force pushes in 4-6
Luke did use the ‘Force Push’ in ROTJ. Remember when he walked into Jabba the Hutt’s home and those two hog-like guards that blocked his way. He just waved one aside and this one just moved out ...
by quelleinc
Re: SW Book recommendations
thanks all for the recommendations. though i noticed Heir To The Empire is post-RotJ. now, correct me if i'm wrong but wouldn't it make more sense for me to get some background and begin with some ...
by Swordansar
Re: What is the time period....
I have to agree with Bill... although Natalie truly is a beatiful woman, there was somethin' about Carrie's eyes and smile in ROTJ... perhaps I'm biased 'cause I absolutely love dark hair, dark eyes, ...
by picasso_mate
Owen Lars on Aussie Rove show last night
The actor playing Owen was on ' <email> ' last night on Aussie TV. He said it was a thrill to be related to Vader. He related how he saw ROTJ at age 6 and he was really impressed. (if you think any ...
by Question
Re: Questions about uncle owen SW books
Owen would be Anakin's step-brother. Shmi married Owen's father while Anakin was away becoming a Jedi. Those that are the novellizations of the movies are cannon. Shadows of the Empire was a close ...
by Brett-NZ
Re: Sabre battles
Go ahead 'Jeffrey Burns', make my day... The one in TPM is technically the best but for sheer emotional intensity it will be hard to top ROTJ or ESB.
by Sticks
Hating Master
How do you suppose Vader feels about Palpatine in ROTJ? Does he hate him or like him or feel resentful towards him? What about in ANH? What do you think Maul's feelings were towards Sidious?
by Ejwnlsdk
Re: Lightsabers in ANH
I think that also had tried using glowing props for the light sabres but when it didn't look real that had to got back and do as Nuck said. I think this is why light sabres in SW sometimes cast light ...
by pietersejl
Including spoiler space for those who haven't seen it but still want to come here. C O U N T D O O K U One thing I noticed about Darth Tyranus was his manner in his meeting with Darth Sidious. In ...
by johngnova
Re: What Expanded uni gets thrown out?
The emperor had cloning that does not necessary mean the empire had it, stormtroopers still may not be clones, especailly after ROTJ where it is more likely stormtroopers were drafted not cloned. ...
by heathbar
Re: Well at least well find out whos older
Bets? Nah. But from observation, Leia seems older in ANH and Luke seems older in ROTJ :-P A Reys
by 1212
Re: (Spoiler?) Question about Boba Fett in Episode III
In ESB were Darth Vader says to Boba Fett that there will be no disintegrations, maybe GL will have rework this so Vader is talking of his experience with Boba and not just about his reputation. ...
by dezirina
Re: Something interesting from
Maybe would have been stupid after a while - I think a decent film needs a start, middle and end (ANH, ESB, ROTJ) - only certain concepts lend themselves to this continual format (ie James bond etc.)
by lafah
The people in the office must love you.
Hmm. Good things...He worked with Gary Kurtz, hired Katz & Hyuck, and Leigh Brackett to help him write, hired Dyksta for models and model animation, Kirshner to direct the second film, his wife ...
by switchtech
Re: Anyone have ?
I read it 3 books ago, but I can't remember that part. Are you sure you don't mean RotJ? Because in the Ewok village Luke also asks Leia about her mother, and I'd find it rahter strange if he asked ...
by ironballs
Re: Got my tickets
Go ahead ' <email> ', make my day... Nice. I'm getting mine tomorrow but not for the midnight screening. I don't think that the BC&C tickets are particularly accurate when it comes to the end of th ...
by Elder
Re: 40 yrs. between Episode 2 Episode 4? (some SPOILERS)
Here's another strange thing: The actor who portrayed Anakin/Darth in ROTJ (Sebastian Shaw) was actually 9 years OLDER than Alec Guinness. Figure that one out. Rock
by ukmasterit
I hate that Hayden *****
In love with him much? 'I'm in charge of protection here my lady' 'And so have you, grown more beautiful that is' 'Oh I forgot, you don't like flying' 'One day I will be the most powerful Jedi' 'If ...
by myprojeff
Re: AATA - Reasonable Doubts
But the ally turns out to be the bad guy. Besides, the clones are the bad guys in AOTC, mesa thinks. And, my pattern is based on who is MENTIONED in the title, not on which side wins. The title ROTJ ...
by Orion_O'RYAN
Trivia help
me and my friend came across a trivia quiz in a magazine we got most of them but here are the ones that are stumping us>>>> Which British band opened their starwars referencing first lp with the ...
by lafah
Happy birthday to Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian, ESB & ROTJ) who turns 65 today and also to John Ratzenberger (Major Derlin, ESB) who turns
by Ricimer
Emperors Throne (SPOILERS)
(SPOILER SPACE) <phone> 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 If you look closely at the chair (i.e. throne) of the Supreme Chancellor in the new AOTC trailers, you can clearly see it is the same ...
by mesaba
Re: The Executors post; Subject: First posted <phone> :57:17 PST
Uh, one question isn't ESB episode V? Shouldn't it match ROTJ? I'm not complaining with your rule just poncering and confused.
by SharonDee

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