Did Palpatine eat, drink or use the bathroom. It has been stated that he di...
Did Palpatine eat, drink or use the bathroom. It has been stated that he did not sleep, though.
by Guest
Is Anakins father Palpatine?
Shmi says there was no father. Anakin has an incredible of the force. We know Anakin becomes Darth Vader, second to Palpatine. Could we have another 'I am your father' scene?
by garyincolumbus
Palpatine is Anakins father
by MasterKill
Palpatine - where is he from?
Well, I had this thought last night before slipping into dreamland.... Palpatine was a senator for Naboo in Ep. 1..... so, doesn't that mean he's from Naboo? I don't know... any input appreciated!
by picasso_mate
Ep II question - Palpatine will create a grand army of the Republic ...
One question I have after seeing Ep II a few times. Didn't it seem funny to anyone in the Senate or Republic that just after Palpatine mandates the creation of an 'army of the Republic', there is a ...
by gatxan
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
The problem with this is if we assume that Sidious is Palpatine, then Yoda et al would recognise him and wonder why Sifo-Dyas was using the name Palpatine.
by workathome
Re: Who is the father to Anakin??
Why do you believe that? there was no shred of proof that Palpatine learned the secret of life from Plagueis.I really have a hard time imaging Palpatine date rape a slave girl.
by TV_Eye
Re: Darth Maul Question
Palpatine still should have cloned Maul though, AND Vader too if he'd had ANY sense.
by ironballs
Is Anakin really the chosen one?
From what we know of his fate, it doesn't seem like he is the one that brought balance to the fact he's the one that is going to help slaughter most of the jedi and help Palpatine and the ...
by JohnMartin
Sifo Dyas???
Who was Sifo Dyas? Here is my theory: I think palpatine becomes Lord Sidious when Jango Fett kills Jedi Master Sifo Dyas. Palpatine takes the abilities, knowledge and medio clorians into his body and ...
by brettmeister
Re: Hot Ticket gives AOTC 2 thumbs down
Palpatine) doth spewed from his piehole: It really cracks me up that you guys are so quick to dismiss any bad reviews about AOTAC (figure that one out), but when there are good reviews, boy, howdy, ...
by Lambdalana
Re: Killing stormtroopers
1-Palpatine is building an army of clones in AOTC 2-Palpatine has an army of Stormtroopers in the OT that look like the clones in AOTC. Seems pretty simple. I know that there hasn't been anything ...
by Brett-NZ
Re: Where did the prophecy come from
Some people did, but not I. Well, not anymore. The balance is brought by the eradication of the Sith who created the 'unbalance' in the force. A balance was maintained when there were only the Jedi ...
by BrettLindsley
Re: Balance Of the Force - Stupid Concept
Dadoftwo wrote: When are people going to realize that the prophecy is not about Anakin, but about Luke? I think that's the whole point! I think by the end of Episode III, we will realize this and ...
by LanceVance
Re: Will we ever learn Palpatines background in Episode II or III?
I dont think we'll ever find out, Palpatine was never a Jedi, there is no chance of it, we may find out he had some connection to Darth Bane tho.
by ironballs
9/11 Reference In Star Wars EP III
In Star Wars EP III: Death Of The Republic, Lucas plans to have one of the clones, which will be controlled by Palpatine/Sidious, to drive a cruiser straight into the Jedi Council which is located on ...
by gatxan
Viceroy wants Padme dead...that part does make sense in AOTC
Why did the green, flat-face Viceroy want to take over Naboo in Episode I? I have no friggin idea BUT... it does make sense that he wants revenge and that's why he's behind the AOTC assassination ...
by Dadoftwo
Syfo Dias
Why do people think Syfo Dias is Sidious? Clearly, Obi-Wan reacted to Sifo Dyas's name as if he recognised the name. Obi-Wan even says 'Sifo-Dias died 10 years ago' so therefore Obi-Wan knows who ...
by chanzilla
What have AFS captioning polls told us??
Marvin T. Martian had the best caption on 3/7 Marvin T. Martian and Brett McConnie tied for caption on 3/14 5 of 7 people will see Episode II within the first week 8 of 9 people think Darth Sidious ...
by Elder
Well, I taped it and played it a few times. I am pretty sure now that the name spelt is Sifo-Dyas, as Oliver J. Hanau informed us. He cannot be Sidious cause the three Jedi know him. Wouldn't it be ...
by JohnCrown
Re: SPOILER requested. Reason for arena battle.
Duh, how about because the planet on which the battle takes place is trying to break away from the Republic and Palpatine sends in the army to crush the secession?
by Duane534
Starwars ep 3 and vader-father-knows -luke subject.
'Your father wanted you to have this.' Anakin was aware of his son, but not of his daughter. That's not nice, when your friend or even your own wife tells you that you have a son, even while you also ...
by Merovingian
Re: Owen Lars on Aussie Rove show last night
Go ahead 'Anony Mous', make my day... Exactly. This is one area where the prequels are better than the original trilogy. It's harder to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Many non-fans still think ...
by bibipandi
Hating Master
How do you suppose Vader feels about Palpatine in ROTJ? Does he hate him or like him or feel resentful towards him? What about in ANH? What do you think Maul's feelings were towards Sidious?
by Ejwnlsdk
Re: Tyranus
Of all the gin joints in all the world, Darth Rayaj walks into mine Yeah, but it may not be as clear cut as that. It is possible that Darth Sidious is a different person that uses his power to ...
by camaychip
Sith in Episode 3
Two questions for speculation: -Will we ever see Palpatine fight (or at least reveal his Sith nature to the remaining Jedi)? -What will be Dooku's part in Episode 3?
by Woolie Wool
Re: Who hired the assasin?? Question/Spoiler
That makes no sense - NONE. The separatists are creating a droid army to leave the Republic - and they want to take out the Senator that opposes creating an army to fight them. No sense whatsoever... ...
by Lambdalana
Re: No rhythm (spoilers)
I don't think Dooku was surprised, I think the whole intention was for the clones to fight the Trade Federation droids (hence the conversation between Dooku and Sidious about the war starting and ...
by Duane534
Is this possible?
Dooku tells Obi-Wan that the jedi council and the senate are under the control of the dark side and he wants to fight it. Could it be possible that he is telling the truth? Perhaps he does not know ...
by watchpayday
Storm troops = clone warriors?
are the clone warriors the same as the storm troops in ep 4-6? because palpatine aka darth sidius aka the imperator could have taken them with him... thx
by Lil_princess_01
Re: Someone is a clone
Every other SW movie title has multiple meanings, so it should be a given that _Attack of the Clones_ refers to more than just the Clone Army.
by Calibre
Re: Prequels ignored in NJO?
Doubtful, Wage, seeing as the whole prequel isn't really all set in stone yet. If you want proof of this, look in the issue of Newsweek that revealed some of the behind-the-scenes talks between GL ...
by camaychip
Re: AATA - Reasonable Doubts
Which means they're bad, all in a few years, everyone will say they were bad, since Palpatine will reveal himself in AOTC.
by picasso_mate
Re: Why isnt Boba Fett the most famous person in the galaxy?
Go ahead 'Darth Scooter', make my day... There is no army of the Republic until Palpatine uses his emergency powers. The Clone Wars are presumably so named because it is the first time clones have ...
by JohnMartin
Re: SPOILER (I saw the movie)
Go ahead 'MurphDogg', make my day... Hmm. Chancellor Palpatine becomes Emperor Palpatine? Was there ever any doubt? That information first appeared in the novelization of the original Star Wars in ...
by trackjohn
Re: Emperors Throne (SPOILERS)
Just a mental flash - Emperor Palpatine cast as Martin on Frasier, with his insistence on his hideous chair to be in Frasier's apartment. Imagine the possibilities - the one where Martin ruins ...
by banksy
AOTC Trailer Observations
Spoiler Space , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Mace does have a violet colored sabre. I note that in the last scene almost everyone seems to have one or at the very least the blue ones are bleeding into a ...
by Swordansar
The Executors post; Subject: First posted <phone> :57:17 PST
OK, before I will reveal to you what I think the title of Episode III is going to be, I feel that I must tell you why the movie will get the following title. Also, I have put alot of thought into ...
by Dadoftwo
Re: Episode 2 early!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read through the first 10 pages of the script. Maybe it's just bad memory, but I could have sworn that at the end of the opening scene on the landing platform in Coruscant, there was an immediate ...
by JohnCrown

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