Strange Lucas Cameo
'Hey!' and 'Come on, lets go,' were two lines spoken by Lucas in a truly bizarre cameo in Beverley Hills Cop III just shown on UK TV. I've never seen the film before (its utter ****) so I never knew ...
by switchtech
Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
Lately, I been thinking about a BIG problem with Episode 3....... No matter how entertaining the movie will be, the plot line of the story is forced to be a 'downer'. The central character, Anakin ...
by garyincolumbus
Who will take over when Lucas dies ???
Who will own the creative rights to Star Wars franchise when George Lucas dies? My guess is that's its probably his adopted kids, but Rick McCallum would be the more logical choice although he is ...
by banksy
! Lucas biography on the History Channel
Hey dudes, Check out the Lucas biography session on the History Channel. Apart from the dorky presenter, it was quite informative. It also has candid moments from the shooting of Star Wars and ...
by Jason Thompson
- Lucas talks EPISODE 2, 3, plus opening crawl (SPOILERS)
Lucas talks EPISODE 2, 3, plus opening crawl Prequel trilogy only getting darker from here
by pietersejl
What was the reason that George Lucas did the starwars prequ...
What was the reason that George Lucas did the starwars prequels? Not saying good or bad, just want to know what the reason was
by Guest
Does anybody have any links to early George Lucas Interviews
Does anybody have any links to early George Lucas Interviews in regards to Star Wars. Generally I am speaking of interviews that would fall between the first mention of Star Wars ever to the press to ...
by MasterKill
Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
YOU have been warned I wasn't :) Days to go: <phone> -5 -6 (for me) Fine... The combined making of AOTC in Greek TV has some new scenes and dialogue, like some views of Kamino, the ...
by Ricimer
Re: Who is the father to Anakin??
I'd really recommend reading the Darth Plagueis novel, the answer is contained within. Although it's now legends and not canon, Luceno and Lucas worked on it together so closely and for so long that ...
by GDensham
Re: AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
Lucas did that intentionally... he's said many times that he likes to repeat themes and create patterns. By having Anakin get his hand chopped off, it forces the audience to draw a connection between ...
by Alfgrs
Re: COUNT DOOKU: why the HELL is he not even HINTED of in any other Episodes???
'Roger Kanbar' : Was this a last minute concoction created by Lucas so we'd have a lightsaber : wielding Baddie for Episode II? Probably. Either that or people were too embarrassed to say his name. ...
by Jason Thompson
Hot Ticket gives AOTC 2 thumbs down
Anyone see the review with Leonard Maltin and the other lady (forgot name). Each gave it a 'Not' as opposed to a 'Hot' for AOTC. Looks like Lucas hasn't learned after all.
by Woolie Wool
Re: Black Fleet crisis: Luke travels to Naboo?
Yes it is Nick. It was mentioned briefly, like a cameo appearance, in a couple of them I think. But I don't remember which book it was referenced in. I remember it clearly because when I saw Ep I and ...
by DSOseeker
Re: Where did the prophecy come from
Go ahead 'Douglas White', make my day... You must unlearn what you have learned. Lucas has made it very clear that he's not talking about an equality of numbers. Instead of balance think of it as ...
by brettmeister
Re: Balance Of the Force - Stupid Concept
No one Jedi - Luke, then you have the New Jedi Order, but there turns out to be as many Dark Jedi as Light. The thing that causes unbalance is the attempts by both the Sith and the Jedi to impose ...
by Jason Thompson
New evidence about disappearing Jedi (possible spoiler)!
Ok, loads of people keep going on about why Qui-Gon didn't disappear when he was killed. Personally I agree with the theory that only those who know they're going to die, ie Obi-Wan, Anakin, ...
by workathome
Re: Obi Wan and Old Ben
i always thought maybe Ben was his name before he was a jedi. i dont really follow the fan fiction though, i tend to stick to what George Lucas wrote.
by LanceVance
Re: Anakin = Schizophrenic?
To some degree, you are probably right. If a Jedi makes a mistake and uses the dark side of the force (or uses the force in anger, vengeance, hate, etc) he begins down a dark path. To come back ...
by RichField
Boycott Starwars Episode 2 - Top 10 Reasons
Check out Top 10 Reasons to Boycott Starwars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones: 10. George Lucas had 15 years to make a new Star Wars movie. The best he could come ...
by Elder
9/11 Reference In Star Wars EP III
In Star Wars EP III: Death Of The Republic, Lucas plans to have one of the clones, which will be controlled by Palpatine/Sidious, to drive a cruiser straight into the Jedi Council which is located on ...
by gatxan
Re: Spidey couldnt carry Yodas jockstrap
Dream on, droolie-boy. Lucas will be known as a farily lackluster director who got EXTREMELY lucky with ONE movie in the late 70's, simply because the only 'competetion' at the time were CB-trucker ...
by 1212
Re: What a...
Lord almighty... So you'll find it perfectly reasonable if I chalk up your enjoyment of the film to just a pathetic need to have positive preconceptions about the movie and a grim determination to ...
by Lambdalana
Re: What is a fanboy?
Go ahead 'Dr. Hypermodern', make my day... Me, apparently. I've been called that more times in this forum than I can recall. I liked TPM. Is it the best movie ever? No. Do I worship Lucas? Certainly ...
by Aneish
The EU has had stories of some Jedi- Outbound Flight Project where some 20 - 50 Jedi were sent out as part of a Space Exploration program. I wonder if Lucas is using this in hist official storyline. ...
by workathome
Re: Obi-Wan strikes Anakin down in the climax of the film! (m)
Well, put 'EP III' in the subject line, and maybe you guessed right. ***Rumor*** : the next film ends with a saber duel between Ani and Obi-Wan, after Obi-Wan is convinced that Ani has 'gone over to ...
by dabibibff
Re: SPOILER requested. Reason for arena battle.
Go ahead 'Thomas S. McDonald esquire', make my day... Just like all the other movies. That pathetic Death Star trnch run was nothing but an excuse to sell video games like Pong. The Battle Of Hoth? ...
by Linda2
Re: Qui-Gon Question
The original plan for Obi Wans death sceen was for him to be cut in half. However Lucas was unstatisfied with the special effect so he just had the body disappear instead.
by mesaba
Re: What do you think of Harrison Ford?
From's FAQ : What are at least two common misconceptions about Harrison Ford? a. Star Wars - Many people believe that Harrison Ford hates Star Wars and that he wishes he had ...
by watchpayday
Re: **** - Lucasfilm curtails tie-ins because of EPISODE II’s darker tone
Is this based on something? Or is the assumption that Lucas is greedy and therefor must have done so... that's not enough for me. Is there anything that indicates that 'obviously he tried'? I don't ...
by soul8o8
Re: SW Book recommendations
Lucas has an army of monkeys writing the books but you can forget about the talented part.
by JohnCrown
Owen Lars on Aussie Rove show last night
The actor playing Owen was on ' <email> ' last night on Aussie TV. He said it was a thrill to be related to Vader. He related how he saw ROTJ at age 6 and he was really impressed. (if you think any ...
by Question
Re: Sabre battles
Brett is money here - TPM is stunning in it's raw physical energy, but the emotional and story intensity of the battles in ROTJ and ESB are unlikely to be topped. The coming battle between ObiWan and ...
by Brett-NZ
The Darth Vader theory
The lava world was reminicint in my memory too. But I'm wondering when Anakin and Padme and have twins. Then the separation of the twins can be explained - but no such work yet. Hopefully SWEP3 will ...
by srkaeppler
Re: About Anakin Skywalker
Starwars Buddies Ask About Anakin Skywalker 20h ago #1 ●Ronnie Pittman In episode 6, the third movie, Anakin Skywalker is shown as a Jedi knight after death, with Yoda and Obe Wan Kanobi, side ...
by Ronnie Pittman
The reason why the SW movies have made lots of $$$
George Lucas greatest talent is his imagination. Everthing in the Star Wars movies originates from his imagination. The creatures, the characters, the story, the ships and the worlds. Lucas has a ...
by MasterKill
Is digital projection any better than film ???
Has anyone seen EP 1 (or any film for that matter) in a digital theater? I know EP 2 is fully digital and Lucas claims that a digital projector is the best way to enjoy the movie, but is this true? ...
by workathome
This might be of interest to you- It's a video we recently released on our ...
This might be of interest to you- It's a video we recently released on our Youtube channel about how George Lucas and the original Star Wars movie shaped modern cinema. Here's the link, feel fee to ...
by Guest
Re: Asian SW DVDs?
Basically they are Laser Discs that have been transferred to DVD, i believe one of them is even mistitled as The New Hope or something similar. So yes, essentially they are bootlegs. Apparently the ...
by DSOseeker
Re: Newbie - Question about Future Eps
Oh dear ... here we go again. :- There will be NO Episode 7, 8 and 9. The storyline for those episodes was squashed and altered into Episodes 5 and 6, so there is no George Lucas storyline to make ...
by ironballs
Re: One thing I havent seen anybody **** about....(SPOILERS )
It's an homage to 'American Grafitti.' Maybe it was a bit indulgent, but Lucas is writing the checks.
by Jason Thompson

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