Is Rey a Grey Jedi?

when Rey says balance in "The Last Jedi" trailer we are directed to a place where the art style looks alot like "Bendu" from star wars rebels who was believed to be a Grey Jedi ( that is he neither was a jedi nor sith ) is it possible that Bendu remains on the planet of Atollon and Luke finds him later and learns this from him? that to maintain the balance he needs to walk between the light and dark and that is what he wants to teach Rey?

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You may have a point there since a Gray Jedi is defined as a Force sensitive person who walks the line between light and dark. This can be seen when Rey was holding a light saber that embodies both aspects of Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren. The poster for the last Jedi where a beam splits the two may be the proof. Since Luke Skywalkers photo is bigger this might suggest that Rey has more light than dark qualities of a Jedi knight.

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