Those who have downloaded the Episode II .avi
Have grabbed the part 2 of 2 - will not play. Methinks it's possibly a hoax? Anyone actually have the whole thing? The files are (smr)Star Wars - Attack of The Clones NEW!(2of2).avi And of course 1 ...
by chanzilla
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens... Coming soon!
The newest installation to the Star Wars series is due out in theaters on the 18th of December... Are you ready? For those of you who haven't caught up, this series is the first sequel to follow ...
by Vale
Empire should have won in Episode IV
The Empire could have easily won the final battle against the Rebel base in Episode IV. Here's how. Instead of the Deathstar waiting for a clear line of sight at the moon of Yavin containing the ...
by quelleinc
Why does C3PO not recognize Owen/Beru in Episode 4?
I guess the copout answer is that his memory was erased prior to that meeting since we know he did meet them in Ep 2. But I was just curious if anyone else wondered that.
by srkaeppler
Boycott Starwars Episode 2 - Top 10 Reasons
Check out http://www.intermonkey.com/starwars/ Top 10 Reasons to Boycott Starwars Episode 2, Attack of the Clones: 10. George Lucas had 15 years to make a new Star Wars movie. The best he could come ...
by Elder
Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
Lately, I been thinking about a BIG problem with Episode 3....... No matter how entertaining the movie will be, the plot line of the story is forced to be a 'downer'. The central character, Anakin ...
by garyincolumbus
Star Wars Episode 2 to be a cartoon
... more than Ep 1, but the use of CGI has gone too far. Gone are those tactile, real sets of previous episodes (eg: inside the Death Star, the Ice Station at ...
by JohnMartin
Baby Luke in Episode III?
Okay, I know nothing about what's going to happen in Episode III; this is entirely speculation on my part... But, assuming that we catch a glimpse of baby Luke (from what I've heard and read, we ...
by dabibibff
Was Episode One a road movie in space?
....about two Jedi who need to pick up parts, meet interesting characters and then deal with them.
by Swordansar
**** - Lucasfilm curtails tie-ins because of EPISODE II’s darker tone
I did see a recent movie about a ring. But it didn't seem to have Sylvester Stallone in it. Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett were in it. It was probably a better movie than Rocky V, anyways. John Savard
by chanzilla
Lucasfilm announces Episode III title
Go ahead 'Chaos', make my day... It's called mozzarella?
by JohnCrown
Sith in Episode 3
Two questions for speculation: -Will we ever see Palpatine fight (or at least reveal his Sith nature to the remaining Jedi)? -What will be Dooku's part in Episode 3?
by Woolie Wool
(Spoiler?) Question about Boba Fett in Episode III
Spoiler? (Don't want to **** anyone off) . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . If there is a two year gap between II and III, how old will Boba Fett be in the next film? Will ...
by dezirina
Classic Moments of Episode II
I started this thread on the Star Wars message boards with: -When the Love Theme screeches to a halt mid-kiss when Padme pulls away from Anakin's agressive courting. -Jango and Obi Wan face to face ...
by RichField
Good Episode II Review Thread
(snip) Also worth a look:
by Linda2
Episode 2 early!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Episode 2 movie script can be here:
by Mathiasll
How would Episode 4 be today?
* the movies would be far more plot-heavy * they'd also be less character-intensive * I'm assuming episode 6 would have a more definitive ending * far more epic CGI landscape battle shots, less flash ...
by Merovingian
Obi-Wan and Anakin relationship?! In episode 2 Anakin said O...
Obi-Wan and Anakin relationship?! In episode 2 Anakin said Obi-Wan was like his father but in episode 3 Obi-Wan said they were like brothers....What are they to each other?!
by Guest
Will we ever learn Palpatines background in Episode II or III?
ie. how he became a jedi and explain the whole story behind the Sith? I hope so.
by newpiknicker
What does happen in Episode 7 thru 9?
Is this known? Is it mentioned or written about in any books or comics or any other source?
by Brett-NZ
- Lucas talks EPISODE 2, 3, plus opening crawl (SPOILERS)
Lucas talks EPISODE 2, 3, plus opening crawl Prequel trilogy only getting darker from here
by pietersejl
Death star in episode 2...possible spoilers!!!!!
Hi s p o i l e r s / / / / / / / / / / / / / I was just looking over the gameboy advance screenshots for the aotc game and I noticed in this screenshot (copy and paste in browser) ...
by irony
I have tryed everything on #warez_world but I just dont know how to get the movie. =( Please, help me.
by Sticks
40 yrs. between Episode 2 Episode 4? (some SPOILERS)
I don't see how it could be much less than that. Obi-wan is only in his early 30's by Episode 2, and he looks at least 70 in ANH. Anakin is 20 or 21 and looks about 60 when we see his 'ghost' in ...
by johngnova
Star Wars - Episode 2 - ATTACK OF THE CLONES - Script - SPOILER!!!
by Lambdalana
Did Kylo Ren's shuttle get destroyed at the end of Episode 7
I really want to know if it did as its my favourite ship from star wars ever! As we know Starkiller Base blew up so did Kylo Rens shuttle get destroyed too? Or when General Hux went to collect Kylo ...
by Kyloren10
Yet Another Episode 2 Review
Just got back from seeing Episode 2. Essentially, I thought it was astounding. I'm not going to go into plot details, etc. these are just my basic raw thoughts. First off, I'd like to talk about the ...
by pietersejl
Making of Episode II
Argh!!! I know this has probably been asked a million times...but damned if I can find the answer...so I'll have to ask it again I'm afraid. What do you need to do, to be able to save the Making of ...
by Aneish
In episode one, what was the name of the bounty hunter who w...
In episode one, what was the name of the bounty hunter who was killed in the coliseum by a jedi?
by Guest
Did Yoda really died? Where was this? This was in Episode VI of Star Wars
The "death" was said to be what? What did Yoda reveal to Luke before he died?
by Marra M
My favorite part of Episode II
My favorite part of Episode II was after I left the theater, I found $10.00 on the ground! Ka-Ching! No need to ask the manager for a refund.
by pietersejl
Re: Princess Leias Father
If i'm not mistaken, the father is the Jimmy Smits character. When Leia is born, she will go on to live with him. However, the Jimmi Smits character would be dead in episode 4. Am I right ?
by chanzilla
Jude Law as Anakin Skywalker
If something happens to the Christensen dude who's playing Anakin, do you think Jude Law could be called up to play Anakin/Vader in Episode 3 ?
by gatxan
Darth Maul Question
Do you guys think that perhaps GL did not predict the stunning popularity of Darth Maul in Episode I? If he did, wouldn't he have given him more scenes/lines? Perhaps he would not have killed him off ...
by masterpo
Why Luke didnt join the dark side...(but first, some other thoughts)
you're into that sort of thing. I saw Ep2 last night at midnight, and then I saw it again this afternoon. First of all, I'd like to say that I was mezmerized by this film. Call me a fanboy, but I ...
by myprojeff
Re: Is Anakins father Palpatine?
palpatine does clearly call anakin son in episode three. am i the only one who saw this?
by cbs
Is Anakin really the chosen one?
From what we know of his fate, it doesn't seem like he is the one that brought balance to the force...in fact he's the one that is going to help slaughter most of the jedi and help Palpatine and the ...
by JohnMartin
Re: Female Jedis
For a start there were at least two female Jedi in Episode I: Yaddle and Adi Gallia.
by newpiknicker
Sifo Dyas???
Who was Sifo Dyas? Here is my theory: I think palpatine becomes Lord Sidious when Jango Fett kills Jedi Master Sifo Dyas. Palpatine takes the abilities, knowledge and medio clorians into his body and ...
by brettmeister
Re: COUNT DOOKU: why the HELL is he not even HINTED of in any other Episodes???
For the same reason that Darth Maul didn't exist before Episode I. Or Luke Skywalker before Episode IV. HE WASN'T WRITTEN YET.
by garyincolumbus

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