Empire should have won in Episode IV
The Empire could have easily won the final battle against the Rebel base in Episode IV. Here's how. Instead of the Deathstar waiting for a clear line of sight at the moon of Yavin containing the ...
by quelleinc
Scene from The Empire Strikes Back
Duel of the Fates.
by ironballs
I have 3 unopened laser disc of Star Wars. Stars Wars, empire strikes back ...
I have 3 unopened laser disc of Star Wars. Stars Wars, empire strikes back , and return of the Jedi. What are they worth?
by Guest
Empire Strikes Back
When Luke is on Dagobah being trained by Yoda in the scene where Luke's backpack is lying on the ground next to where Yoda is sitting, I swear I saw the silver bar(the one from the deleted scene) ...
by Ripley
Difference between sith and empire logos
... ve been searching the internet in an attempt to clearly define what the sith logo was, and what the empire logo was, without confusing the two. Maybe i have failed to understand something, but the ...
by Mirkus
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
.... sifo-dyas was a Jeri master gifted in precognition aka seeing the future he commissioned said army (or was going to) but was killed and dokou or w/e picked up the slack and finshied it either ...
by conterdictionary man
The best of the prequels?
Now that the Force Awakens has been out in theaters for over two weeks, it's time to discuss which of the series is the best, and which is the worst... For many people, the Force Awakens is their ...
by Vale
Re: How much are the star war movie worth the laser disk movies
Read here: http://www.starwarsbuddies.com/i-have-3-unopened-laser-disc-of-star-wars.-stars-wars-empire-strikes-back-...-9311.html
by jade
Princess Leias Father
'General Kenobi.Years ago you served my father in the clone wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire....I have placed information vital to the survival of the rebellion ...
by Woolie Wool
Re: I am altering the deal...
Lando pretty much says what the deal was. When Lando is leading Han, Leia and Chewie to their 'dinner' ... 'Not now, Chewie,' Han reproved, turning to Calrissian. 'Lando, aren't you afraid the Empire ...
by johngnova
Re: In which of the star wars books does luke Skywalker move to ...
He is right the Dark Empire triology
by Highmighty
Why Luke didnt join the dark side...(but first, some other thoughts)
you're into that sort of thing. I saw Ep2 last night at midnight, and then I saw it again this afternoon. First of all, I'd like to say that I was mezmerized by this film. Call me a fanboy, but I ...
by myprojeff
Re: Obi Wan is a pilot...
Maybe, He also knew the Empire would have star ships above Tatooine? Which they did! Look at the age of ObiWan in ANH compared to TPM. Perhaps, he felt that he was too old to be flying space crafts? ...
by MasterKill
Re: Did Harrison Ford carry Star Wars??
He did add a lot. In the first movie, he was the redeemed. I mean, Han wasn't a bad guy, but he wasn't a hero, either. He learned something; that there was a reason to fight for a purpose. In the end ...
by skyhog
Re: COUNT DOOKU: why the HELL is he not even HINTED of in any other Episodes???
Go ahead 'Roger Kanbar', make my day... He became the apprentice to Darth Sidious after the death of Darth Maul so there was no need to mention him in TPM. By the time of ANH people are more ...
by dabibibff
Re: Killing stormtroopers
That's true, and mind that the empire added more and more normal people to their army, soldiers from Imperial worlds forced to join the army. I suppose they ran out of clones, because the original ...
by soul8o8
Re: Obi Wan and Old Ben
And yes he went by Ben but being called Old Ben was a nickname he gladly picked up to be less noticed and thought of as an old coot hermit rather than one of the best and strongest in the force Jedi ...
by Highmighty
Re: OT Earthlink DSL OT
AOL owns half the world now, they're like The Empire, twisted and evil. Wipe them out. All of them.
by garyincolumbus
Is Yoda the last of his species?
Is Yoda the last of his kind? Is he a Dagobahnian or was that just his retirement planet? Any mention of his species in the Expanded Universe novels? Another thought, did Yoda carry a light saber in ...
by Question
Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
Lately, I been thinking about a BIG problem with Episode 3....... No matter how entertaining the movie will be, the plot line of the story is forced to be a 'downer'. The central character, Anakin ...
by garyincolumbus
Re: British SW rats
Galactic Empire, it's whats keeping the world alive!
by srkaeppler
Re: Spidey couldnt carry Yodas jockstrap
So, that explains why Empire was the last good Star Wars movie. I'd always wondered why.
by MasterKill
Re: The basis behind the First Order
I think it's because the First Order is the military part of the Empire so they have more weapons and military knowledge. The New Republic is referred to as the Resistance because they were the ones ...
by Vale
Yet Another Episode 2 Review
Just got back from seeing Episode 2. Essentially, I thought it was astounding. I'm not going to go into plot details, etc. these are just my basic raw thoughts. First off, I'd like to talk about the ...
by pietersejl
Re: Mace chops Jangos head off!!!
... auses one to wonder, does boba take a part in the cleansing of the jedi throughout the 'rise of the empire' era? ...
by gatxan
Starwars ep 3 and vader-father-knows -luke subject.
'Your father wanted you to have this.' Anakin was aware of his son, but not of his daughter. That's not nice, when your friend or even your own wife tells you that you have a son, even while you also ...
by Merovingian
Re: SW Book recommendations
Aside from the the Zahn/Thrawn books. I think 'Shadows of the Empire' is a great introductory book to the EU. I've read it a few times. After reading the 'Heir to the Empire' and the 'Hand of Thrawn' ...
by NGCHunter
Re: Back in 1977...
I saw Star Wars the day it came out in London in 77 and for Empire my biggest shock was how much Mark Hamills appearance had changed. I swear I thought they'd gotten another actor the first time I ...
by DSOseeker
Re: Questions about uncle owen SW books
Owen would be Anakin's step-brother. Shmi married Owen's father while Anakin was away becoming a Jedi. Those that are the novellizations of the movies are cannon. Shadows of the Empire was a close ...
by Brett-NZ
What is this Starwars memorabilia sold as one of the most valuable movie item used in the movie?
It was used by the Storm troopers in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.
by Marra M
Re: Lightsabers in ANH
The early trailers put in absolutely no effort. The guy narrating the second ROTJ trailer is intensely annoying, and the first ESB is just a load of artists pictures, with a narrator that thinks ...
by Nunikares
Star Wars pen-pals wanted
I am looking after Star Wars fans to write and trade with. You can come from all the part of the world, but I am very interested in contacts in Japan, other Asia countries and South America. But Star ...
by banksy
Re: Lucasfilm announces Episode III title
The Empire Starts Building rules even more better than what you said.
by DSOseeker
Re: The Sith Sensing Yoda
Luke's obviously more powerfull than Vader, the guy learned how to use the force in under a week, that's pretty spectacular. So thats why Luke deafeated the Sith. Just imagine how much he could learn ...
by Angel-xan
Re: Star Wars movies listed in order of dates it would of happen
This list/link is incomplete however, it is more detailed. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline_of_galactic_history BBY refers to Before the Battle of Yavin and ABY to the years After the ...
by Marra M
Re: No rhythm (spoilers)
I don't think Dooku was surprised, I think the whole intention was for the clones to fight the Trade Federation droids (hence the conversation between Dooku and Sidious about the war starting and ...
by Duane534
Re: Anakins arm/hand injury?
Go ahead 'Charlie Maul', make my day... Prosthetic limb technology has certainly advanced a great deal by the time of ESB. I guess the emergence of the Empire would be the reason for that.
by Brett-NZ
What Expanded uni gets thrown out?
I assume the 3 books by Zahn are out the window- the empire has cloning already. Most of the stuff about the force-gone. Most of the stuff about Boba-gone. There will be some major re-writes when all ...
by Swordansar
Price guide for Star Wars laserdics
what is a gneral pric line for brand new, unopened, copies of new hope, empire and jedi. they have never been opened or viewed and are orginal prints?
by kscott
Re: ! Lucas biography on the History Channel
... LOL! She got half his loot....kinda scary to think some greedy broad almost destroyed the Star Wars ...
by Lambdalana

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