The Grave Yard Book and Nation SF/Fantasy for Kids of All Ages
Goody! More SciFi/Fantasy books for children - my absolute favorite kind.Newly released books by Neil Gaiman - The Grave Yard Book and by Terry Pratchet - Nation. Nothing is a good as going where ...
by Cheryl
B-wing/Shantipole/ Book Questions
What book(s) in the EU, if any, cover the Shantipole Project? I know that it's the topic of one of the WEG rpg books, but I can't seem to find any information about whether or not it's covered in a ...
by DSOseeker
SW Book recommendations
i've decided to start taking on the books. looks to be a pretty hefty endeavour. the question is, where to begin??? is there any kind of logical order? or is it justt a matter of deciding on a random ...
by banksy
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
Yeah, Im in the process of reading the book and the first thing I thought was that Sidious or Dooku were posing as Sifo-Dyas to get the clone army created, the Sith wouldnt want to use them in the ...
by AdrianusV
Re: Unabridged Star Wars audio books
the deal is, they would be more expensive, take up more tape, and some poor guy has to narrate the entire book rather than the main concerns and highlights of the novel.
by Sticks
Re: Is Anakins father Palpatine?
read the book or better yet listen to the audiobook of darth plageuis it is pretty much all spelled out Anakin was the result of both damask/plageuis & palpatine/sidious's thought experiments that ...
by darth sideshow23
Re: Does dooku know sidious is palpatine? nt
If you read the book Revenge Of The Sith it explains how Dooku knew palpatine was Sidious like when he is killed by Anakin Dooku finally understands that he was just a toy and how he looks at sidious ...
by Highmighty
Re: Which was the biggest mistake: New Coke, Clear Pepsi or Jar-Jar Binks?
Considering the theory came from a book written by a Frenchman- who are so great at fighting off enemies remember WWI, WWII and Vietnam. (BTW, I'm not an American), I'd go and hunker down in my own ...
by roland1982
Re: Why Obi-Wan and Anakin dont get along
interactions. If you've read the 'Trail of the Jedi', a book from the Jedi Quest series, you'll see that that is almost *exactly* why Anakin and Obi-Wan do not get along. Pick it up in a book store ...
by Nunikares
Re: Black Fleet crisis: Luke travels to Naboo?
I don't recall that book stating that he went to his mother's homeplanet. I do remember that he went there and that it was described as a planet that was, from my interpretation, still rebuiding ...
by Elder
Dooku and the clone army in The Clone Wars
... know about the Clone army he had to have known because he was talking to Jango Fett but then in the book the clone wars and the movie he acts very genuinely surprised when the Clone army shows up at ...
by Highmighty
Re: What does happen in Episode 7 thru 9?
Reading, yes. Excellent reading, no. It's fanfic trash. Save your dime and your time and read a real science fiction book instead. Try Hyperion, Dune, or Ender's Game, for starters.
by newpiknicker
Re: SW Novels vs LOTR Novels
ridiculous. And : it's certainly true that to compare a novelisation with an original book is : ludicrous. And if you find the Lord of the Rings books slow-paced, then you : may have a short ...
by RichField
Re: Kevin J Anderson
He wrote an X-Files book too. And although I am not an X-Files fan the book was very good. But it did **** me off that he used Leukemia as the cancer that one of the characters was suffering from. ...
by Lambdalana
Re: Could you list for me the star wars novels in which Aayla Se...
Only in the Dark Horse Comics, there are no novels that I have found her to be in, it would be a great idea for a book though :)
by Highmighty
Spoiler: Count Dooko and other mysteries
spoiler space k k k k k k k k k k k k k k k 1. In the book, Count Dooko leaves the jedi order and is gone for 10 years. What's he doing all this time? 2. Dooko tries to get Obi-wan to join him, and ...
by brettmeister
Re: Death star in episode 2...possible spoilers!!!!!
&channel_id=64&page_title=New+Star+Wars+Episode+II+Shots&adtag=network%3Dign %26size%3D468x60%26channel%3Dpocket%26site%3Dpocket_hub%26channel%3Dpreviews The same pic can be seen here: ...
by 1212
Re: Questions about uncle owen SW books
Owen would be Anakin's step-brother. Shmi married Owen's father while Anakin was away becoming a Jedi. Those that are the novellizations of the movies are cannon. Shadows of the Empire was a close ...
by Brett-NZ
Re: Do the star wars novels contradict the films?
This book is quite interesting... It fills the more or less important charakters in ANH with life...
by Roger E. Moore
Re: The Sith Sensing Yoda
Is that's the book where R2 found the com-sync of the dark Jedi's ship? Eddy. Once again, only the movies are canon, BUT
by MasterKill
Re: Boba Fett in ep. 1?
Not as interesting as my Anakin being cloned, making an evil clone, allergic to the air around him and wearing the helmet. C'mon it makes sense, Obi-Wan kill Anakin, Palpy runs in and takes the body ...
by myprojeff
Diminishing force powers
this might be a slight spoiler... x x x x x x in the book, yoda and mace are talking about informing the senate that their ability to use the force has diminished. Only a dark jedi could sense the ...
by Sticks
Novel: Rebel Dream
Anyone seen it on the shelves of their local book store? It was suppose to come out on Tuesday.
by Alfgrs
Re: Anakins arm/hand injury?
Severed at the elbow. Drop by a book store and check out the Episode 2 Weapons and Technology books or something like that. It has a nice picture of it. I personally think 3pO has a better arm but ...
by Angel-xan
Spoiler: Dynasty Of Evil
Did Darth Bane Accomplish the Ritual? Did he just leave an Imprint on Zan, Did she have the Right to Take the mantel of the Sith .. Could this be the Reason the rule of two Sucks and the eventual ...
by kras
Re: Order of Novels
All of the newer novels (the ones in the 'New Jedi Order' series) have a timeline inside the front of the book.
by Orion_O'RYAN
Anyone have ?
If so, there's a part in that book where Luke asks Leia about her mother. Could you please post what it is she says?
by ironballs
Re: Im wondering...
The one book that I can recall came out long before TPM was even in production. Rebel Alliance Lt. Commander Aramys Strael
by 1212
Re: Prequels ignored in NJO?
Go ahead '', make my day... In the book Rogue Planet set between TPM and AOTC.
by johngnova
Re: Darth Maul Shadow Hunter - superb
Was the best EU book I have read so far by far! Very suspenseful.
by Roger E. Moore
Re: Star Wars books
Shadow hunter is the Darth Maul book. It is quite good but you know that Darth Maul has to win because it is set before Episode 1. Rogue Planet is also quite a good book to read as well. Characters ...
by Lil_princess_01
What about celebration 2 ?
... ween Jacen and Anakin Solo in the New Jedi Order ? I think that the novelists who immagine the next book will pass in the dark side... if ...
by picasso_mate
Re: SPOILER (I saw the movie)
But the book is written from the screen play With generally a little bit extra detail. So its bound to be similar. Thats was generally the plot story line. The book may well go into more detail (I ...
by Calibre
Re: OT: Spot The Boeing
And the same crackpot released a book on the subject two days ago in France. My suggestion is you go ask the people who were at the Pentagon that day and you hear what happened to them.
by NGCHunter
It is Qui Gon, it's better decribed in the book.
by dabibibff
Re: 13 days to go and it is killing me...
I'm waiting for Episode 3 , I've read the Episode 2 Book, and know the plot back to front already ;-) still gonna see the film though obviously .
by Ejwnlsdk
Hi I was wondering what you people think of Salaicous Crumb? What your feeling are towards him? How he has affected your lives? I find that though he had a very minor role, he contributed alot to the ...
by Orion_O'RYAN
Re: Haygen in new trailer
... didn't like TPM will most likely hate Ep2 and 3 as well... They should just get over it, and read a book or ...
by gatxan
Re: Vader False Rumor?
... ope until ESB. Not sure, but the scene was meant to be there. I was given a Star Wars (ep4) picture book after seeing it as a kid back '77. There is a photo in there of that exact scene (Biggs has ...
by Lambdalana

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