Who is the father to Anakin??
Well, i think he has a father. What about palpatine or Dokuu or maybe even sifo dyas?
by SharonDee
Is Anakin really the chosen one?
From what we know of his fate, it doesn't seem like he is the one that brought balance to the fact he's the one that is going to help slaughter most of the jedi and help Palpatine and the ...
by JohnMartin
Why Obi-Wan and Anakin dont get along
Could it be that Obi-Wan is hard on Anakin because he's training him purely out of obligation? If Qui-Gon hadn't croaked out that stupid deathbed wish, Obi-Wan would not have trained Anakin. It seems ...
by dezirina
Light Saber Colors in Anakin vs. Count Dooku
Anyone notice that the light saber colors of Anakin vs. Count Dooku's fight were the same as Luke and Darth Vader's light saber colors in ESB? And, Anakin cut a power coupling that reduced the ...
by dabibibff
Anakin has
A green and a blue light saber?????
by ironballs
Obi-Wan and Anakin relationship?! In episode 2 Anakin said O...
Obi-Wan and Anakin relationship?! In episode 2 Anakin said Obi-Wan was like his father but in episode 3 Obi-Wan said they were like brothers....What are they to each other?!
by Guest
Jude Law as Anakin Skywalker
If something happens to the Christensen dude who's playing Anakin, do you think Jude Law could be called up to play Anakin/Vader in Episode 3 ?
by gatxan
Does anyone think Anakin will join the dark side in ep II or will that be ep III
Clearly he's gonna be a bad lad in ep II but will he cross the line in this film? I wonder if James Earl Jones was right when he said that Anakin will fall into a volcano prior to becoming Vader?
by BrettLindsley
Anakin = Schizophrenic?
(Posted via Google because my ISP is being funky.) Just got back from seeing AOTC a second time and I gave some thought to a little theory I had floating around in my head. This is horribly, horribly ...
by dezirina
Why would Padme fall for Anakin?
I really didn't get a stalker feel. He didn't force himself on her. He was persistent, even obsessive, though. But she never once said that she didn't reciprocate his feeling, despite him questioning ...
by watchpayday
Obi-Wan strikes Anakin down in the climax of the film! (m)
or at least that is what I think.
by Lambdalana
About Anakin Skywalker
In episode 6, the third movie, Anakin Skywalker is shown as a Jedi knight after death, with Yoda and Obe Wan Kanobi, side by side. Which is wonderful and fitting end to the movie. How was George ...
by Ronnie Pittman
Padme/Armidala confusion
All the deception with the queen's decoy in Episode1 I think causes me confusion... Who is the one that stars in AOTC? Is it padme? Which one did Anakin get to know in TPM or did he know both of them?
by Elder
Re: Master Sifo-Dyas (HUGE HUGE SPOILERS) the real thing...
Yeah, Im in the process of reading the book and the first thing I thought was that Sidious or Dooku were posing as Sifo-Dyas to get the clone army created, the Sith wouldnt want to use them in the ...
by AdrianusV
Why didnt Obi-wan or Queen Amidale ransom Shmi Skywalker
After the destruction of the trade federation army in PM, why didn't Anakin Skywalker get the Naboo people to give him some cash to go and redeem Shmi Skywalker from Watto? Geez... you would have ...
by roland1982
Princess Leias Father
'General Kenobi.Years ago you served my father in the clone wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire....I have placed information vital to the survival of the rebellion ...
by Woolie Wool
Re: Balance to the Force?
The TV ads about Anakin say profession: The Chosen One. I think this should be the deciding factor. It should go in the FAQ. Anakin = chosen one = balance to the force.
by BrettLindsley
Re: AOTC - Comments Questions (Spoilers)
Lucas did that intentionally... he's said many times that he likes to repeat themes and create patterns. By having Anakin get his hand chopped off, it forces the audience to draw a connection between ...
by Alfgrs
Why Luke didnt join the dark side...(but first, some other thoughts)
you're into that sort of thing. I saw Ep2 last night at midnight, and then I saw it again this afternoon. First of all, I'd like to say that I was mezmerized by this film. Call me a fanboy, but I ...
by myprojeff
Is Anakins father Palpatine?
Shmi says there was no father. Anakin has an incredible of the force. We know Anakin becomes Darth Vader, second to Palpatine. Could we have another 'I am your father' scene?
by garyincolumbus
Re: Does dooku know sidious is palpatine? nt
If you read the book Revenge Of The Sith it explains how Dooku knew palpatine was Sidious like when he is killed by Anakin Dooku finally understands that he was just a toy and how he looks at sidious ...
by Highmighty
Re: Did Harrison Ford carry Star Wars??
He did add a lot. In the first movie, he was the redeemed. I mean, Han wasn't a bad guy, but he wasn't a hero, either. He learned something; that there was a reason to fight for a purpose. In the end ...
by skyhog
Re: Yoda training padawans
Perhaps it was that the padawans in the classes were trained since they were really young, where as anakin was too old to go into such a class, as he would have missed some of the lessons. also in ...
by soul8o8
Re: Anakins Mom
Anakin wanted his mom to be a slave for 10 years just so he could come back as a Jedi? Come on...
by Aneish
Re: Where did the prophecy come from
Some people did, but not I. Well, not anymore. The balance is brought by the eradication of the Sith who created the 'unbalance' in the force. A balance was maintained when there were only the Jedi ...
by BrettLindsley
Re: Balance Of the Force - Stupid Concept
Dadoftwo wrote: When are people going to realize that the prophecy is not about Anakin, but about Luke? I think that's the whole point! I think by the end of Episode III, we will realize this and ...
by LanceVance
Ep2 Anakins Shadow
Was I the only one that noticed that Anakin's shadow against the igloo was that of Darth Vader? No one has seemed to mention it.
by Jason Thompson
Re: Burial practices
Well, Qui Gon and Anakin/Vader are cremated, they are Jedi and maybe that is the way of the Jedi As to the Jawa's. Probably figured that was the best way to take care of them. They weren't there in ...
by gatxan
New evidence about disappearing Jedi (possible spoiler)!
Ok, loads of people keep going on about why Qui-Gon didn't disappear when he was killed. Personally I agree with the theory that only those who know they're going to die, ie Obi-Wan, Anakin, ...
by workathome
Lucas and Episode 3..........the ?????
Lately, I been thinking about a BIG problem with Episode 3....... No matter how entertaining the movie will be, the plot line of the story is forced to be a 'downer'. The central character, Anakin ...
by garyincolumbus
Re: He knew my father?!
Go ahead 'Chris Garcia', make my day... Agreed. I've always found Luke's leap of logic a bit odd but obviously Anakin was something of a taboo subject in the Lars household and Luke was probably ...
by soul8o8
Jango Fett O b 1
... e and some of the lines just dont sound right, I think that George has picked the right guy to play anakin sklywaker. Can someone ...
by Jason Thompson
What a...
...relief. After seeing AOTC, that was my underlying reaction. Of course, anybody who was with me last night saw how amazed and excited I was after seeing Episode II: Attack of the Clones. I can't ...
by Angel-xan
Yet Another Episode 2 Review
Just got back from seeing Episode 2. Essentially, I thought it was astounding. I'm not going to go into plot details, etc. these are just my basic raw thoughts. First off, I'd like to talk about the ...
by pietersejl
Did Obi-Wan forget how to fight? (SPOILER)
As we all know, Obi-Wan kicked Darth Maul's butt in Ep1, yet he seemed to go down quite easily when he faced Dooku. He lasted about 30 seconds. Did he forget how to fight in the 10 years between ...
by chanzilla
Ep 2 Paparazzi scene
Anakin & Amidala are sitting by a secluded lake. Anakin uses his mind control powers to make Amidala take off her top. All of a sudden, Anakin heres a loud click from the bushes. Anakin see a ugly ...
by Nunikares
Re: Will EP II have a cliffhanger ending like EP V did ????
So you know exactly how it happens that Anakin turns to the dark side and becomes Darth Vader? If that's not a cliffhanger I don't know what is. Deborah Proctor
by banksy
Re: Mace chops Jangos head off!!!
I told him 'Dont't try an haircut with a lightsaber'!!! Dumb move! Then Yoda tried to cut Anakin's nails and cut off an arm... what else? Is Ki-Adi-Mundi trying to polish my car with a lightsaber? ...
by garyincolumbus
Yoda scene kicked ****, as did Yoda
The Yoda scene was brilliant!!! Now we all know why Yoda is the JEDI MASTER!!! It also needs to be remembered that Jedi's can only use the Force for a certain period of time and to certain strengths. ...
by Angel-xan
Re: Question about the bar scene in AOTC (Possible Spoiler)
Along with GL's daughter, Katie, who plays a twilek who assesses Anakin's potential. Can't say as I blame her... He's absolutely gorgeous... Deborah Proctor
by Ejwnlsdk

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