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Mandalorians by Highmighty
The Mandalorian's were a nomadic clan based people ranging from all different species and genders under the same culture known in Mando'a as the Mando'ade or children of Mandalore does anyone think the Mandalorians will have a bigger role in ...
Children of Earth by Cheryl
Trailers like this make me wish that That I was willing to pay for the most comprehensive cable plan, and that I could watch this any time soon. That I had nothing better to do but watch British Sci Fi like this and Dr Who 2 again. 3 ...

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Is this a good spot to post "Jedi Break Room", my new comedy web series? I hope so. It's all about Star Wars. I hope you like it! ...
by Guest - 3 weeks ago
I'm glad you like your new shirts. Did any of you didn't get it yet? Please let me know.Now I would like to see the pictures of you in the shirt (those who didn't post one yet):-)
by jade - 3 weeks ago
if you want me to advertise it on my Facebook fanpage please send me the link Starwarsfanatix @ Facebook
by Highmighty - 1 month ago
read the book or better yet listen to the audiobook of darth plageuis it is pretty much all spelled out Anakin was the result of both damask/plageuis & palpatine/sidious's thought ...
by darth sideshow23 - 1 month ago
If you read the book Revenge Of The Sith it explains how Dooku knew palpatine was Sidious like when he is killed by Anakin Dooku finally understands that he was just a toy and how he looks ...
by Highmighty - 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,I just wanted to let you all know about a new feature that we are currently introducing: the Blog It button. This button will allow operators to take informative forum posts and ...
by Vale - 1 month ago
Please welcome our newest operator Vale.Vale is an experienced blogger and will be in charge of the the blogs section on our site. If you have any questions with regards to the blogs, I am ...
by admin - 1 month ago
I checked the completed listings on ebay and it seems most single items were sold for $4-$9. Looks like it is more profitable to sell them as single pieces and not as a full collection.
by jade - 1 month ago
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