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The best of the prequels? by Vale
Now that the Force Awakens has been out in theaters for over two weeks, it's time to discuss which of the series is the best, and which is the worst... For many people, the Force Awakens is their favorite of the newer releases (for some it's ...
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens... Coming soon! by Vale
The newest installation to the Star Wars series is due out in theaters on the 18th of December... Are you ready? For those of you who haven't caught up, this series is the first sequel to follow the original Star Wars Trilogy (The other three ...
Mandalorians by Highmighty

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What is the population of the hosnian system considering they weren't full city planets or had thousands of levels like coruscant?
by Jacob - 3 days ago
Thanks, from watching it I came with the same conclusion. Maybe after watching it thousands of times on DVD I'll see a "for sure" death scene.
by Paragon - 1 week ago
When senators are debating at the Senate; where do they love? Do they live in their offices or separate apartments. Are they paid for by public funds id private? Are they are close or ...
by Quxxnrandomness - 2 weeks ago
Hi, Can anyone tell me what this is? I aquired this and i would really like to know what it is. I am not a huge Star Wars or any kind of movie buff so any help would be awesome! Is it no ...
by Mo - 3 weeks ago
What if jyn was the niece of vader ruled the galaxy together
by Rogue one - 3 weeks ago
How high can a jedi* jump? What's the highest a jedi* can jump? How fast can a jedi* run? How fast was the fastest jedi*? *Sith, grey jedi, dark jedi, light sith, etc, but not witches (eg ...
by ryncewynde88 - 1 month ago
Are there any B1 battle droids in the rebel alliance? It was said that the rebel alliance is made up of many groups of people and made of separatist hideouts. It was mentioned that some ...
by Boze7 - 1 month ago

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